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Quality inspection standard for polyurethane potting adhesive for circuit boards

in recent years, the selection of testing mode in polyurethane industry has developed very rapidly, and has become the fastest growing industry in the chemical industry. Polyurethane production technology is also becoming more and more mature, products are becoming more and more popular and the application field is expanding, which meets the needs of the development of the times

as the leader of industry technology and the first drafting unit of industry standards, Chenxu carefully selects materials in order to maintain the normal order of polyurethane market and the ultimate interests of customers, and let customers understand the performance of products and the damage caused by inferior products

the inspection standards of polyurethane sealant are as follows:

1 Green and environment-friendly, without VOC organic volatiles No harm to human body RoHS compliant

2. Stability, through the double hundred experiment (temperature 100 C, humidity 100%) There is no change after cooking in boiling water for 48 hours

3. Waterproof and moisture-proof, water absorption <0.08%

4 Adhesion Tensile grade 0.8MPa elongation at break 103%

5 Mould proof, mould growing grade: grade 0

6 Insulation performance Volume resistance coefficient: 5.0 1b Whether the clamping is reliable 010 M

7. Flame retardant, demonstrated by UL in the United States. Flame retardancy (vertical combustion): 94v-0

8 Elasticity, shore hardness: 27+3a

9 Temperature resistance: the low-temperature brittleness temperature is 70 ℃, and the temperature that has a significant effect on thermal oxidation is 130 ℃. The thermal conductivity is 0.357w/(m.k) 0.086cal (M.S. ℃)

10. Dielectric loss, 9.3 104 Hz dielectric strength: 22 12mv/m dielectric constant: 4.0 106 Hz

11. Repairability The speed of the machine is directly related to the speed of the driver. There is no slag during removal, and it is easy to repair

12. Initial potting flow performance With good fluidity, it can quickly and automatically fill the place to be sealed tightly and level without overflow

13. No chemical bubbles

14. Good clarity

fake polyurethane will have the following quality problems:

1 It is harmful to the environment and human body, damaging the health of employees and the health of users

2. The poor stability and short service life of the product lead to the early scrapping of the product as a whole

3. High water absorption leads to crystal damage of products

4. The bonding effect is poor, and there will be degumming at the wire connection, which will affect its waterproof, shockproof and dust-proof functions

5. The mold proof function is poor, and the product will have mold growth, which will damage the material properties of the glue

6. The insulation performance is poor, and there will be breakdown and leakage in the application of products

7. Poor flame retardant performance, unable to resist the spark discharge of electronic components, which may lead to fire

8. After curing, it is too soft or hard, and has poor impact resistance, shock resistance, and water resistance

9. Poor temperature resistance, easy to be damaged by temperature changes

10. After curing, it is easy to produce slag, which makes it difficult to repair and scrap

11. The fluidity is not good when filling and sealing, resulting in the phenomenon that the place to be filled cannot be filled. There is too much glue at the pouring place and there is no glue around, so it is difficult to operate

12. It is easy to produce bubbles, which makes it difficult to vacuum, and damages the performance of the circuit board

13. The surface is not dry

easy to tear

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