The hottest orange leads the growth of M2M telecom

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Orange leads the growth of European M2M telecom service market

Frost & Sullivan and Berg insight rated orange business services (referred to as orange for short) as the leading supplier of 2m (machine to machine) telecom service market with the development of plastic processing machinery industry. Orange won the highest M2M telecom service market share award in Europe in 2010 issued by Frost & Sullivan, and the Research Report of the global wireless M2M market – 3rd Edition recently released by Berg insight, a market research company, has confirmed orange's leading position

frost & Sullivan presented the award to confirm the rapid increase of enterprise market share (in terms of revenue or sales). Orange focuses on the expertise of vertical market, focuses on the ability of enterprises to connect mobile and fixed lines, and uses its international M2M center to explore global M2M business opportunities. Therefore, Frost & Sullivan was selected as the winner. In addition, Frost & Sullivan also praised orange for taking an open attitude to the research and development of M2M service applications

o Rodolphe Frug è s, vice president of Internet of things and M2M, said: "We meet the increasing needs of enterprises in the field of M2M. President Frost & Sulliva Xi stressed that both the award of N and the report of Berg insi China, which currently occupies the international leading level ght, agree with our focus strategy and ability in this area. We hope to become an ideal partner for enterprises to industrialize their M2M programs. Our goal is to start 10million SIM cards and complete a series of projects in 2015, and continue to bring the most benefits to customers Great benefits and influence in the European market. " C114 China Communications

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