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Norglass's order record: not afraid of the epidemic, rising against the trend

under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, the anti epidemic has gradually normalized, and industrial enterprises have also achieved remarkable results in resuming work and production

in this situation, norglass tempering equipment company came good news. In June, nearly 30 new orders for tempering furnaces were added, with an amount of more than 75million, of which more than 8 became domestic orders, exceeding the previous record of domestic orders in a single month

at the 2018 China glass exhibition, the tempering equipment company launched a standard series of tempering furnaces designed for the Chinese market, which was widely praised by the market, and directly led to the sales of beige's tempering furnaces. 2. Curve traversal: the force value and deformation data of the experimental curve can be viewed point by point, rising year after year, and finally rising against the trend in the context of the epidemic, refreshing the domestic single month sales record of beige

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