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Recently, orange automation has completed more than 100 million yuan of B + round financing, and this round of equity financing is led by Yunhui capital. Previously, orange automation has received several rounds of investment from Mingshi capital, such as angel round, a round and B round

Mingshi capital believes that China has the world's largest 3C industry, and the 3C electronic automation market will grow rapidly in the future. The technology of orange automation team is leading, providing customers with high-quality flexible industrial chain related equipment and integrated services, and the market prospect is broad

orange extended optical fiber service life automation was established in 2014. It is a leading high-tech enterprise in China that focuses on the research, development and application of precision mounting and microneedle testing technology. It provides standard automated products and flexible production line overall solutions for end customers in 3C electronics, automotive electronics, medical electronics and semiconductor industries, and provides customers with full life-cycle industrial services through data acquisition and data analysis

this round of financing funds will be used for mass production of core products, AOI testing key technologies and R & D iterations of new products; At the same time, continue to invest in MD cloud industrial interconnection platform, and enable 3C enterprises' analysis, planning, decision-making and operation with data intelligence

since its establishment in 2014, orange automation has focused on providing integrated intelligent manufacturing solutions for 3C enterprises, and has accumulated rich experience in intelligence, digitization and automation. Especially in the industry, it has established in-depth cooperative relations with domestic and foreign leading brands and oem/odm giants

breakthrough in core technology

at present, orange automation has four major R & D platforms: high-speed and high-precision air flotation platform airtrack, modular hardware platform HD pro, all in one software programming platform MD pro, and industrial Internet cloud platform MD cloud; And three core product lines: precision mounting product line, precision electrical testing product line and AOI testing product line

at present, 5g technology reform is bringing great changes to the market pattern. Millimeter wave communication and large-scale antenna technology are undoubtedly the highlight technologies in 5G5 and simple communication, but the higher working frequency, data processing, transmission speed and more intensive layout have pushed the high-density, integration and miniaturization of 5g PCBA to the extreme, and traditional equipment cannot test it

for this reason, orange automation independently developed airtrack, a high-speed and high-precision air flotation platform, which innovatively uses the air flotation principle to historically increase the movement speed of the equipment from 1m/s to 5m/s, with repeated positioning accuracy of 1um and dynamic response of more than 5g, directly improving the performance of the equipment to several times that of traditional equipment

the flying needle testing equipment built by orange automation based on the air flotation platform has the characteristics of high precision, high coverage, high flexibility and high market response. It has become the only equipment in the world that can carry out static and dynamic comprehensive function testing of 5g PCBA products. Now it has achieved mass production and has been successfully recognized by domestic well-known brand manufacturers

further extension of strategic layout

while the core technology has made continuous breakthroughs, the national strategic layout of orange automation is also overwhelming

in May 2020, the Southwest Service Center of orange automation was officially put into operation. In recent years, orange automation has expanded its business in the southwest region with Chengdu as the center. At present, more than 10 projects are under way, and the joint protection, coordination and guidance committee and expert working group of Mongolian Long Tune folk songs have been established in the two countries, and the household demand is gradually expanding

in August 2020, orange Automation Branch Suzhou org Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. opened. Located in Suzhou listed science and Technology Innovation Park, org smart technology integrates R & D, production, sales and after-sales service to meet the different needs of customers. It can also provide skills and practical training for employees and customers

subsequently, orange automation also made joint investment with Shanghai Ketai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. to establish everay (Suzhou) Testing Technology Co., Ltd., which was located in the free trade zone of Suzhou Industrial Park and focused on the future global layout and operation

in addition, orange automation is also stationed in Beijing, Xi'an, Wuhan and other places to comprehensively improve the business layout across the country, effectively promote the refinement and upgrading of the company's services across the country, better meet customer needs, and provide customers with timely and high-quality service guarantee

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