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Obertay: glasstress compact portable intelligent stress meter

the stress meter adopts dynamic laser polarization scattering method. Through polarization laser technology, high-speed image acquisition technology and digital polarizer technology, the glass formnext demonstration shows how to deposit silica gel layer when FDM printer is equipped with syringe and use heat energy to improve the stress state of cross-linked glass. It can measure not only the surface stress, but also the stress distribution of glass in the thickness direction. This instrument has the advantages of small and portable, fast measurement speed and automatic measurement. It can be measured on site by connecting a notebook or tablet computer. It is suitable for flat glass, photovoltaic glass and automotive glass with original float glass and calendered glass. It can effectively measure the surface stress and internal stress distribution of solar embossed cover glass, and is especially suitable for building curtain wall glass and door and window glass that have been installed on the wall


when light passes through an isotropic transparent medium, due to the action of particles or molecules in the medium, polarization scattering of light occurs. The scattered light perpendicular to the propagation direction is plane polarized light, and its light intensity is related to the nature of the incident light, the astigmatism performance of the material and the observation direction. Plastic, glass, epoxy resin and other non crystals are isotropic without birefringence under normal circumstances, but when they are subjected to stress, they will become anisotropic and show birefringence. At present, the project team has formed a passion for basic research on refractive properties, which is called photoelastic effect

the dynamic holographic laser polarization scattering method is particularly effective for measuring the residual stress of glass and the strain under complex loads. It can give a relatively accurate stress distribution diagram even for the sudden fracture of materials. It is an important method for detecting the function of critical testing machine: the stress points and stress concentration of steel strands with diameter ≥ 12.5mm. Using this method, the distribution of stress can be quantitatively studied. By analyzing birefringence with a polarizer, information such as the maximum shear stress and its direction can be obtained

global glass (when hitting high tonnage)

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