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At present, the level of industrial automation technology has become a symbol to measure the degree of industrial modernization of a country. In order to better meet the needs of the automation industry for professional and compound talents, on May 20, The signing and unveiling ceremony of the talent transmission base jointly built by Shenzhen orange Automation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as orange Automation) and Guangdong Southern vocational training college was held in Zhuhai

at the signing ceremony of result determination and processing, the two sides held friendly discussions around the training mode of talents in the future automation industry, and signed relevant agreements on the establishment of talent training and transmission base. The training of talents in the automation industry should pay attention to the practice link. Practice can not only improve students' interest in learning, but also cultivate students' ability of innovation and application. According to the agreement, both parties jointly set up a professional training room for school enterprise cooperation. Orange automation provided several professional training equipment worth millions for the training room, which is like a teaching equipment platform for balance weighing, including vision, operation control and so on

school enterprise cooperation laboratory

a long-term plan, education oriented. Automation education, which has a deep impact on the future development of the country, needs to be continued. We can also customize the bottom cabinet investment to our factory and constantly innovate the education cooperation mode. Chenjuan, VP of orange automation operation center, said that orange automation attaches great importance to the investment and operation of talent transmission base. In the future, it will also provide students with a good environment for automation practice, create a good platform for teachers to carry out scientific research, shorten the gap between school education and enterprises' demand for talents, and cultivate professional and technical talents who can automatically meet the national and international standardization industries

it is reported that orange automation and Guangdong Southern vocational training institute have been in contact and cooperation for several years. This in-depth strategic cooperation is also the result of the full trust and joint efforts of both sides

the principals of both sides said that through this cooperation, orange automation and Guangdong Southern vocational training college will have a deep understanding, strengthen contacts, give full play to the advantages of enterprises and schools, meet the practical needs of industrial development, and take this cooperation as an opportunity to continue to extend and innovate the talent training mode of both sides, build a think tank for automation professionals, and deliver more fresh blood to the automation industry

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