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Orange wind breaks the waves and achieves new success: Zhengxin car tyre held the second phase of dealer appreciation meeting

Orange wind breaks the waves and achieves new success: Zhengxin car tyre held the second phase of dealer appreciation meeting

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the plan for one year lies in spring! After the first phase of the Zhengxin car tire dealers' appreciation meeting was held in March, the second phase of the 2021 Zhengxin car tire dealers' appreciation meeting was held in Sichuan, Hubei, Henan, Guangxi, Shanxi and other places in April, and continued to be promoted to major provinces and cities across the country

according to the different requirements of epidemic prevention policies in various regions, the national appreciation meeting of Zhengxin tire was divided into online and offline forms, which received warm response and attention from customers in the distribution system

if in 2020, in the face of the rapidly shrinking market, the first thing for tire enterprises is to seek stability, then in 2021, when the recovery is increasing and opportunities and crises coexist, seeking innovation and change is a new topic for major brands. In April, the second quarter officially opened. The previously rising natural rubber price plummeted all the way. The volatility of raw material prices has brought more uncertainty to tire prices, and the market environment has become increasingly complex and severe. In the new era, how to cope with new challenges, take a new journey, and achieve high-quality development with new measures and new layout? Zhengxin tire takes this opportunity to bring Zhengxin's exclusive "secret script" to dealers from multiple dimensions such as products, channels, sales and brands, so as to help dealers and store owners make steady progress in the new year and achieve better results

exclusive secret script, fully empowering dealers to become stronger and bigger

on the product side, Zhengxin tires from point to area, continue to expand the brand volume by promoting the new generation of car tires, so as to drive the overall sales. In September 2020, Zhengxin launched a new generation of car tire products - ad-r9, which focuses on Sports handling, md-a7, which focuses on comfort and quietness, and mr-c5, which focuses on economy and wear resistance. Ad-r9 and md-a7 also launched SUV versions. Since its launch, these three products have been recognized by the majority of consumers with their excellent performance, and have also become profitable "hot" for distribution partners and store owners in various channels

on the channel side, Zhengxin tire has not only brought many good policies for dealers, mainly led by national scientific research institutions, to carry out relevant research projects and upgraded versions, but also carried out "channel upgrading plan" for channel stores, organized store operation skills and store transformation training, constantly strengthened the service system, improved channel services, provided more policy support for customers, and improved the competitiveness of stores

on the sales side, Zhengxin shared the 2021 business strategic plan with all 10 dealers and bosses with regard to the current car tire market analysis and brand competitive advantages. A number of senior executives of Zhengxin tire also attended the meeting, and put forward targeted marketing suggestions in combination with the characteristics of the new generation of products and the actual situation of the car tire market around the country

win-win cooperation and go hand in hand with dealers

by holding a dealer appreciation meeting, Zhengxin tire further strengthened the promotion of new products. At the same time, through supporting awesome's precise measured policies, it effectively helped the sales performance growth of dealers and partners, and enhanced the profitability of dealers and store retailers. Dealers from all regions participating in the meeting said that they really felt Zhengxin's attention and support for channels, and were full of confidence and enthusiasm to vigorously promote the listing and sales of new Zhengxin car tires. At the end of the meeting, Zhengxin tire also commended and rewarded excellent channel customers in 2020, and thanked them for their support to Zhengxin tire over the past year

according to China tire business, the second phase of the dealer appreciation meeting held this time is higher than the first phase on the whole. Among them, more than 15000 conference orders were placed in Chengdu, the best performance this year. It is worth mentioning that the dealer appreciation meeting in Chengdu was personally planned and held by Mr. zoumingfeng, the general manager of the company. The previous long-standing meeting in Xinjiang wubolun was also planned by Mr. Wang Boren, the second-generation successor, and achieved brilliant results, demonstrating the recognition of the dealer partners for Zhengxin tire and their confidence in the future development. For a long time, Zhengxin tire has attached great importance to the cultivation of "commercial second generation". Only stable channel partners can achieve deeper cooperation, and only mutual trust can jointly promote the development of Zhengxin tire to a new height and level

starting in 2021, Zhengxin tire's brand advantages, quality advantages and scale advantages are more prominent. Facing the development situation of the industry, we hope that Zhengxin tire will work together with all dealer partners to move forward, and work together to a better future

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