At present, the hottest hardware enterprises are a

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At present, hardware enterprises are at high risk of listing and financing.

since last year, hardware enterprises have put forward listing strategies and began to actively prepare for listing. Although the downturn in the stock market this year has slowed down the pace of many enterprises that originally planned to be listed this year, some enterprises still hope to solve the problem of capital turnover through listing and financing. Relevant experts called for the suspension of all new share issuance in order to maintain the stability of the stock market. People in the hardware industry also said that there is no need to use listing as a means of financing, and hardware enterprises at least now have too much risk as a means of financing in the above market

Han Zhiguo, a well-known economist, believes that the way to solve the problem of the size of the A-share market is to postpone the circulation of new IPO size for 5 to 10 years; Second, stop all new share issuance from now on, and cut off the non incremental size of new shares from the source. We can also learn from the issuance of Hong Kong shares to issue a shares

Han Zhiguo believes that it is necessary to pay attention to water-proof and moisture-proof reform for the shares of companies that issue and list after the old and new companies are severed. In fact, the issuance of new shares of companies that issue shares after the new and old companies are severed is no different from the issuance of new shares during the share reform period, and the issuance price is even higher. It is unfair not only to public investors, but also to the size of those companies that have not paid the consideration to public investors. The said upper limit refers to the maximum load that may be imposed on the test piece to be listed and circulated directly. Therefore, this part of listed companies should be included in the scope of share reform. In view of the lessons left by the previous share reform, the size of such companies must pay full consideration to public investors (no less than 10 shares for 20 shares), and then the size is not directly listed and circulated

PI Haizhou believes that reforming the current IPO system is an effective way to solve the problem of large and small new shares. It can be considered to convert the large and small non holdings based on the issue price of new shares, and then be listed and circulated together when the new shares are listed. Secondly, share reform should be carried out for companies that issue shares after the old and new companies are severed. In addition, for the large and small non listed companies that have undergone share reform, major shareholders should be guided to make a "slow climb" commitment to change the original way of inserting and placing unlisted power sources without permission from "lock one and climb two" to "lock one and" climb five "or" climb ten "

Ye Tan believes that, To solve the "big and small non" problem is to solve the core problem of different rights of the same share in China's stock market. The currently proposed "big and small non" solutions include incorporating into the block trading platform, proposing a mandatory cash dividend policy, and establishing a stabilization fund. 8. Number of jobs: 5 groups, levying capital gains tax, etc. The purpose of block trading is to "Stripping the secondary market and looking for their own value center in the wholesale market; the method of mandatory cash dividends can force listed companies that habitually circle money to make a minimum trust to all shareholders, which is good for listed companies with investment value. These two methods are good methods, and the introduction of stabilization funds is to use taxpayers' money as" big or small non. " "Paying the bill and levying capital gains tax can partially restore the fairness of the market, but it can't solve the bleeding of the capital market. If the government doesn't stop bleeding, the market can resume its investment and financing function only by returning these make up listed companies to the original shape of fairy shares

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