The hottest mobile releases its first TD

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China Mobile released the first TD


April 28 news. This morning, China Mobile △ vs=vsr_ VST (4) released the latest IOT TD-SCDMA module products and industry solutions based on IOT applications in Beijing. At the same time, China Mobile Research Institute designed and developed WMMP protocol. At present, three partners, ZTE, simcom and Sierra wireless, have developed TD IOT modules. Sha Yuejia, executive director and vice president of China Mobile, pointed out in his speech that based on the continuous improvement of China Mobile's TD network, China Mobile hopes to inject IOT into TD network this year to enhance the stability and reliability of integrated network interconnection. At the same time, Sha Yuejia pointed out that in the initial stage of IOT research, China Mobile will take safety as an important topic for research, so as to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of IOT industry

it is understood that the IOT TD module released this time is a module product specially designed for IOT business, which can meet industrial requirements and must be shut down for port standardization when the software and hardware are used to remove debris. WMMP communication protocol family for machine communication without analogy line is built in the module, which realizes the interconnection between machines and is conducive to the rapid deployment of complex applications and big 5 It is best to have the residual sample escort installation scale

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