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Cameron university holds mobile robot competition

on April 18, China's new chemical materials industry will enter a period of rapid development. The 14th annual Carnegie Mellon mobile robot competition was held at Carnegie Mellon University. All participating robots are required to move along the white line marked on the ground autonomously, and cross the road signs that seem to be skiing obstacles, and finally reach the finish line

the original intention of this competition is to encourage students' awareness of technological innovation, exercise their hands-on ability, and provide them with a platform to show themselves

competition results:

University Group: first place Lawrence Tan Kee tee

zhiquan yeo

meng Yee chuah

3:07.35 time through 8 obstacles

second place Wai Yong low

yuche new energy vehicle explosion led to rapid growth in power battery demand ng low

00:49.26 time through 4 obstacles

social group: first place Michael Li citra

jeff mcmahill

00:50.71 through 14 obstacles in time

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