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Mobile video led the top ten trends in the industry in 2014

services are everywhere. With the popularity of intelligent terminals and the support of wireless broadband networks, significant changes have taken place in all aspects of people's personal life, such as travel, shopping, social networking, entertainment, as well as business operations and working methods represented by mobile office. In fact, most of the functions people enjoy today have already been provided on fixed terminals, but at that time we realized that progress, not change. Similar functions or services, under the influence of M factor, have a very different impact, making services truly ubiquitous, which has fundamentally changed our lives and work

experience first. In the past, ICT technology mainly provided voice services for ordinary users and high-end services for professional elite users. Now m-ict technology provides almost ubiquitous and all inclusive services for all users. These services go beyond the commonly used visual measurement indicators in the ICT field of 2-in-1 masks that absorb harmful carbon dioxide and dust particles, and must be differentiated by user experience

in the m-ict era, ubiquitous service and experience first are long-term important labels. The traditional ICT industry is still developing rapidly, causing a new round of changes in finance, transportation, energy and power, education, medical treatment and other industries. In order to better serve the human society, we must face and solve many new and old problems:

how to effectively reduce the it cost of enterprises while meeting the mobile office needs of enterprises

how to continuously meet the core requirements of users for the continuous improvement of service experience

how to design a more reasonable new business model, so that all parties in the industry, including operators, can benefit reasonably and escape the curse of the scissors

in the reality that the whole society is increasingly dependent on network services, how to deal with the increasingly severe challenge of network security

in the face of the development of new technologies and the evolution of networks, as well as these problems faced by the entire industry, we have observed the following development trends:

first, business access is everywhere

not only intelligent and pad smart terminals are developing, but also wired broadband access continues to exist with the wireless of the last access technology represented by WLAN technology, However, it will change from directly providing service access in the past to mainly providing wireless access point services. In offices, homes, roads, airports, high-speed railways, aircraft and other places, the wireless access mode integrating 3g/4g/wlan will provide a flexible, reliable and seamless wireless access environment for the majority of users in the next few years, and continue to develop towards more broadband

second, the next generation of intelligent terminals will be more intelligent and flexible, and expand to the wearable direction

intelligent CPU from 2-core, 4-core to 8-core, and the computing processing capacity of intelligent terminals is becoming stronger and stronger. Wearable devices such as smart glasses and smart watches have been listed one after another, and show the prospect of great imagination although it is not very clear. Important progress has been made in technologies such as flexible screens and flexible batteries, making the performance of intelligent terminals more flexible. The rapid start of HTML5 is expected to completely break the fence garden mode of app store, and weblization and Applization will coexist for a long time

third, the M-mode of service provision truly realizes that services are everywhere

relying on the seamless wireless access environment and increasingly powerful and flexible intelligent terminals, and relying on the rapid development of cloud computing technology, in the m-ict era, the development trend of services will be everywhere. Mobile office, information sharing, social interaction, e-commerce, Internet finance, etc. will further enrich the good life of mankind in a way that users can easily access it anytime, anywhere, and can get a perfect experience every day

IV. enterprise mobile applications are in the ascendant

the rapid development of broadband wireless access and intelligent terminals not only provides the convenience of mobile office. With the support of ubiquitous broadband and progressive security technology, combined with IOT technology, the development of key external businesses and internal core applications of successful enterprises will conform to the characteristics of the m-ict era, become increasingly m-oriented, and cover all aspects of enterprise management and operation. This will not only effectively improve the operation and production efficiency of modern enterprises and promote the progress of the whole society, but also provide a new blue ocean in the mobile Internet market for relevant ICT enterprises

v. broadband speed-up continues to move forward

the flood of digital promotes the continuous speed-up of all levels of network infrastructure, from access to the core, from wireless to wired. The demand for bandwidth improvement drives the backbone network to evolve to 100g and ultra 100g, while the wired broadband rate of the access network will always maintain an order of magnitude higher than the wireless access rate. A single speed-up technology will always encounter a development bottleneck, but there will always be other technological innovations that enable the communication bandwidth to move forward in accordance with Moore's law to match the development capacity of information processing, provide an unimpeded connection channel for the ever-growing exchange of information, and make people closer to society and nature

VI. cloud and intelligent networks become inevitable.

mobile intelligent terminals, cloud applications, etc. will promote the continuous explosive growth of data traffic, bringing huge pressure under the background of scissors gap to operators' networks. After the hype, concepts such as SDN and nfv will begin to be applied. Network integration, software definition, cloud, virtualization and intelligence will gradually become the leading force leading the next round of network technology change. Cloud radio, cloud EPC, optical and packet network integration, SDN, cloud storage, virtual desktop, intelligent terminal, cloud application, etc. have become the secret recipe for operators, government and enterprise customers to significantly reduce network equipment and operating costs. PLLA surgical suture has been approved by FDA to be listed

VII. Mobile video detonates the mobile digital flood, which will give birth to a new traffic business model

it is estimated that by 2020, mobile video data traffic will account for more than 70% of mobile data traffic. It is expected that in the next few years, mobile multimedia services will develop rapidly, and standard definition, HD to Ultra HD have become the inevitable pursuit of video quality. Mobile video detonates a few B. the screw drive chain is lubricated with butter, and the word flood will definitely give birth to a new traffic management mode of operators. Under the mobile digital flood, how to provide better traffic package services for individuals and enterprises and transform the huge and vibration free traffic into commercial value has become the core of the innovation of traffic management mode of operators

VIII. The relational digital ecosystem will profoundly change the operation mode of information services.

the digital age has built a world of endless connections between people, people and things, and things and things. Any individual, enterprise, or even machine may be both a consumer of information services and a provider of information services, forming a new relational digital ecosystem. This ecosystem provides individuals and enterprises with a supermarket for information service transactions. The owners of the supermarket provide basic networks, operations, channels and brands, as well as a business model of benefit sharing. This will completely change the situation that existing enterprises only provide their own capabilities, and will also have a profound impact on the organizational structure, business processes and operation support systems of information service operation enterprises

IX. connect the physical world with the virtual digital world, and put user experience first.

the physical world and the digital world will be linked by information. The value links and production factors of office, shopping, medical treatment, education, entertainment, transportation, social networking and other industries will flow into the mobile Internet industry on a large scale. Build a physical map on the Internet, move the physical world to the Internet, integrate the digital world and the physical world, form a virtual mapping for all devices in the physical world on the network, and realize the natural perception between people and things through virtual augmented reality technology, so that people and things, people and people, things and things interact more closely with the nature of human behavior

X. network security will become the focus of long-term technical and social attention

Internet virtual society has the characteristics of concealment, rapid dissemination and open interaction, which is easy to lead to network fraud based on virtual identity; In terms of peer-to-peer information dissemination, personal privacy and financial property information are also more likely to be leaked through social tools and e-commerce tools on. In the era of m-ict, under the background of ubiquitous services, the security problem of network will be more prominent, and will undoubtedly receive greater attention in the development of network technology in the future. However, when the network needs to serve all aspects of social life, its inevitable requirement for openness will make it difficult to have a once and for all solution to the network security problem, which will be a long-term technical and social focus

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