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More and more fields are involved. Scientists have invented portable physical examination instrument. The function of intelligence is more and more powerful, and it can cover more and more fields, including medical treatment. Apple has previously obtained a number of patents on the combination of iPhone and health functions, such as front camera to detect body information. "Lab on chip" recently published an invention. American researchers have developed a medical diagnosis technology that enables intelligent execution of laboratory level. This technology involves a spectral projection reaction intensity (TRI) analyzer, which costs $550. According to this instrument, people can directly use intelligence to test and analyze blood, urine and saliva samples, and its analysis reliability is equivalent to that of thousands of dollars of diagnostic and therapeutic instruments

Brian Cunningham, director of the micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory at the University of Illinois, said, "the core of tri analyzer is biosensor." The research team used tri analyzer to carry out two tests. The first is to detect the biomarker of pregnant women and pre preterm delivery, the future of automotive tire materials: Bio based; The second is the neonatal PKU test, which indirectly detects the enzymes needed for the normal development of newborns. Tri analyzer uses the rear camera, flash lamp to illuminate the sample, and diffraction grating on the sample to get the test data. After two tests, the team found that the results obtained were equivalent to those achieved by current clinic level equipment

researchers emphasized that tri analyzers are more portable laboratories than special equipment. Basically, any liquid that can change color or produce light output can be tested with this device

similarly, apple is trying to provide users with some health measurement functions through iPhone, which may be achieved through light sensor or charge measurement technology. Perhaps the vision of intelligent direct measurement of various health data of the body can be realized in the future. However, it has to be said that the initial cost of this technology without strong magnetic field interference is definitely expensive


with the improvement of people's living standards, Jonas Martens, the founder of the company, paid more and more attention to health when interviewed by the media. The maintenance of Jinan assay oil source: so a variety of physical examination and monitoring technologies began to be widely concerned by people. As an indispensable communication device in people's daily life, if it can have the function of physical examination, it must also have a very positive impact on people's healthy life

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