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In 2025, the market scale of mobile robots is expected to exceed 36billion

in recent years, under the general trend of intelligent manufacturing, the growth rate of global mobile robots has accelerated. According to the "2020 blue book on the development of collaborative robot industry" recently released by the Robotics Industry Research Institute of Higher Engineering (GGII), the global mobile robot market in 2019 reached 13.95 billion yuan, an increase of 5.68% year-on-year. GGII believes that the potential of global mobile robots is on the eve of being released. It is predicted that the global mobile robot market is expected to exceed 36billion yuan by 2025, and the sales volume is expected to exceed 400000 units

picture source: the Institute of robotics industry of higher engineering

ggii points out that there are two main reasons for the large-scale growth of mobile robots in the world in the future: first, due to the labor in Europe, the United States and other developed regions, dbj/t01 (5) 0 (2) 002 "technical specification for external wall insulation construction flexible water-resistant putty" is the maximum load that the sample can bear. Population reduction, labor costs continue to rise and other factors, Forced manufacturing enterprises to upgrade logistics automation by introducing mobile robots; Second, the developing countries represented by China are in a critical period of industrial transformation and upgrading, and their manufacturing and warehousing scenarios have increasingly highlighted the demand for automated logistics, which has driven the demand for mobile robots to a large extent. It is estimated that the average annual compound growth rate of China's mobile robot market in is over 23.5%. By 2025, the market scale is expected to exceed 9billion yuan, and the sales volume is expected to exceed 110000 units

the automobile industry is still the key application field

the automobile industry, as one of the manufacturing industries with the largest volume and high degree of intelligence, although it has experienced a large downturn and the growth rate has slowed down, it is still the key field of mobile robot application in terms of total demand

nowadays, with the continuous deepening of intelligent manufacturing, the intellectualization of production links and warehousing links need to be connected to realize the connection and sharing of data. The front-end feeding, middle-end production scheduling, and back-end warehousing all need the deep participation of mobile robots, which will increase its application in the automotive industry

in addition, it will show that the cognition and demand for mobile robots in the industrial field such as the utilization of recycled materials such as recycled carbon fiber and the re produced mixture will gradually increase. With the continuous deepening of market competition, mobile robot manufacturers have begun to layout according to the field and form their own barriers. Generally, they will form a 1+n industry layout, that is, they will focus on a key industry, and other industries will be used as incremental reserves. At present, more innovative manufacturers tend to focus on general industrial fields in the early stage of business, such as 3C, new energy, semiconductor and other fields

the proportion of autonomous mobile robot AMR will increase year by year

mobile robots currently mainly fall into two categories, namely, autonomous mobile robot AMR (autonomous mobile robot) and automated guided vehicle AGV (automated guided vehicle). Relatively speaking, AMR is more flexible and intelligent. It does not need physical guides or markers. It mainly obtains data through sensors, processors, etc., and realizes real-time detection of the surrounding environment through software algorithms, and finally selects the optimal path to achieve the goal

from the current market scale structure, AMR accounts for a relatively small proportion. According to the data, the market size of AGV accounted for 63.91% in 2019, reaching 8.98 billion yuan; AMR market size accounted for 36.09%, reaching 5.07 billion yuan. However, with the acceleration of enterprise digital transformation and upgrading, GGII believes that the proportion of AMR will increase year by year. It is expected to account for nearly 45% in 2024 and nearly 48% in 2025

picture source: Institute of robotics industry, Gaogong

in addition, from the perspective of regional development, the gap between domestic and foreign AMR products is not large, and the starting time of both sides is also very close. It is understood that Chinese AMR manufacturers are mainly established after 2014. At present, the representative manufacturers include stander, gazhi technology, Youai Zhihe, Lingdong technology, etc. In general, at present, China can not only do dynamic fatigue experiments, AMR is still in its early stage, the market base is small, and the gap between manufacturers has not really opened. For all AMR manufacturers, the primary task is to constantly polish their products through a variety of application scenarios, so as to achieve the goals of high cost performance, high flexibility and high stability, and create value for more end users

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