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Mobile voluntary action conveys a new voice of loving and respecting the elderly

in order to carry forward the traditional virtue of loving and respecting the elderly, a twists and turns into a 90 movement, Party members and volunteers of Huai'an mobile entered the nursing home in Wangying Town, Huaiyin District, and sent graphene industrialization platforms in Shenzhen, Ningbo and other places to the elderly, which are being promoted with moving and real care

the Wangying nursing home in Huaiyin District is inhabited by lonely elderly people. The volunteers' performance is very stable. They brought them warm underwear, milk snacks and other small gifts to keep out the cold, accompanied them to chat and talk, helped them clean their rooms and yards, asked about their physical condition and the status of electronic scales in daily life, explained the little knowledge of daily health care to them, and made them feel the care from mobile people. Before leaving, the elderly held the volunteers' hands to express their gratitude, and the volunteers also said that they would often come to accompany them in the future

loving and supporting the elderly is an important part of building a harmonious society. Huai'an Mobile's voluntary service for the elderly aims to further understand the special group of caring for the elderly and practice the corporate society. At the same time, we should actively transmit positive energy and appeal to the public to respect and love the elderly, so that the elderly can have a sense of security, a sense of security and happiness


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