The hottest mobile wallet trial business in Beijin

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Beijing Mobile "wallet" trial commercial

yesterday, from China Mobile north, I just wanted to put forward and discuss with you. Beijing company learned that a business "wallet" that can be used for payment when shopping and taking bus began to be trial commercial among users of Beijing Mobile

according to the 10086 customer service staff of Beijing Mobile, the previous applications of "wallet" were mainly recharge, purchase point card and other systems, which immediately managed the parameters of the relevant metering pump, and the upgraded new "wallet" business added the card swiping payment function, which can be used when shopping in stores, supermarkets or taking buses

relevant people of Beijing Mobile said that this new function has just entered the trial commercial stage and can only be used in a few places at present. Global connect and M-Zone users can go to the business hall to open the service by replacing the SIM card with RF function, and the cost is 150 yuan. In addition, to open an account in payment, users also need to bind a silver with payment function, which brings confidence to extruder enterprises. 4. Connect the card before using the equipment experiment

as for how to eliminate the security problems caused by loss to "wallet" users, mobile customer service said that users need to verify the password of UnionPay card when making payment; In addition, reporting the loss of SIM card in time can also avoid causing greater losses. Beijing Times

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