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Mobile travel, building a sustainable future: runyinglian 2019 lubrication trend seminar was successfully held in Qingdao

mobile travel, building a sustainable future: runyinglian 2019 lubrication trend seminar was successfully held in Qingdao

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on June 11, 2019, "runyinglian 2019 lubrication trend seminar" was held in Qingdao, Shandong Province. Aldo Govi, executive vice president of run Yinglian global sales, Mr. Chen Shaohui, President of run YINGLIAN Greater China, relevant principals of run Yinglian China, representatives of run Yinglian partners in China and media guests attended the meeting. Focusing on the sustainable development and electrification trend of the industry under energy conservation and emission reduction, this year's seminar takes "mobile travel, building a sustainable future" as the theme, deeply analyzes the technical challenges brought by the technological progress of internal combustion engines, the development of new energy vehicles and the upgrading of regulations to the industry lubrication, and helps the insiders to have an insight into the market trend and feel the future. At the seminar, runyinglian also "officially announced" the launch of its ILSAC gf-6 new product p5908. As the leading all media platform of the lubricant industry integrating automotive and mechanical genes, China Lubricant information () attended this seminar to listen to the cutting-edge views of runyinglian on the development trend of the lubricant industry

the 20th anniversary goes hand in hand. Runyinglian has always been committed to meeting the needs of the industry.

Mr. Aldo Govi, executive vice president of global sales of runyinglian, said in his speech that 2019 is a landmark year for runyinglian, and it is also a year for everyone to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of runyinglian. In 1999, ExxonMobil and shell merged their additive departments and jointly funded the establishment of the industry brand "runyinglian". After 20 years of high-quality development, it has grown into a world-class chemical enterprise and the world's leading leader in lubricant additives, "Looking back on the industry-leading safety performance, technical achievements and power reliability of runyinglian in the past 20 years to realize that plastic parts with gloss surface requirements must be preheated and dried for a long time at 80 ⑼ 0 degrees, I am very proud of it." Looking back, Aldo Govi said that run Yinglian now has global office space and production facilities, talented and conscientious colleagues, but most importantly, run Yinglian has all the partners present. "Without you, run Yinglian can't achieve today's achievements". He expressed deep gratitude to all the guests on behalf of run Yinglian. On this occasion, he also introduced to the guests Mr. Chen Shaohui, the new president of runyinglian Greater China. He believed that he would lead the runyinglian China team to continue to meet the changing needs of the industry market and provide reliable performance as always

Mr. Aldo Govi, executive vice president of runyinglian global sales, delivered a speech.

Mr. Chen Shaohui, President of runyinglian Greater China, first of all, thanked all customers for their long-term care and support to runyinglian for the environment and enterprises. In the past 20 years of development, the global team of runyinglian has always attached great importance to the Chinese market. From the opening of the Shanghai business center in 14 years to the smooth operation of the Zhangjiagang plant in 16 years, the industry has witnessed the large-scale investment and rapid growth of runyinglian in China in the past few years, and has made brilliant achievements, "We have always responded to market demand and the call of the state for energy conservation and emission reduction, and together with our local customers, we have developed innovative and forward-looking products that meet China's needs." Looking forward to the future, the industry is in a rapidly developing and complex world, with the rapid rise of hybrid electric vehicles worldwide. Governments of various countries advocate green travel through legislation, and put forward higher requirements for the performance innovation of lubricating oil additives; As the largest new car market for many years, China faced adjustments such as purchase tax adjustment, tariff uncertainty, continuous rise in fuel prices, and early implementation of some regulations and standards last year, stepping into a stable stock market stage from a rapidly growing incremental market. "I am very excited to communicate with you at this time full of opportunities and challenges. I hope to work together with you to continue to cultivate the Chinese market, continue to provide the industry with runyinglian's leading lubrication solutions, lead the reform and development of China's automotive industry with innovative technologies, and jointly create a better future for the whole industry!"

Mr. Chen Shaohui, President of runying United Greater China, delivered a speech

interpret the lubrication trend of the industry, grasp the future of the pulse oil market

interpret the latest lubrication trend in the world, and gain insight into the development future of the industry. At the seminar, the senior technical experts of runyinglian summarized in detail the progress of the lubricant industry in the past 18 years, elaborated on runyinglian's deep insight into the industry trend, helped users better understand the market evolution trend, and felt the future in a complex and volatile world

the lubrication technology trend of the global passenger car industry in the past year was interpreted in detail by runyinglian technical experts. In 2018, the global sales of light vehicles reached 95.6 million, of which plug-in electric vehicles achieved a high growth of 72%, accounting for 2% of the total sales; New energy vehicles in China and the United States performed strongly, with sales accounting for 1 When clamping the jaw, the proportional ratio will exceed 1% if it is not put; As a major automobile country, Japan sold more than 1million hybrid cars last year, accounting for more than 26% of the sales. Despite the bright sales of new energy vehicles in 18 years, the combination of powertrain technologies such as traditional internal combustion engines, start stop systems (only powered by batteries when stationary), hybrid systems with different fuel economy, and fuel cells will continue to diversify. It is expected that the proportion of electric vehicles in the market will still not exceed 10% in 2025, "The future of electric vehicles not only comes from government policies, but also depends on local electricity prices, electricity consumption and other objective factors."

analyzing the changes and future of the passenger car market, runyinglian technical experts pointed out that air quality, climate change and urbanization mobile travel are the three main factors driving the change. The sustainable development of the industry has spawned new energy power and efficient internal combustion engine technology. Therefore, it is more necessary for the industry to innovate and develop lubricating oil technology to meet the lubrication demand, "This is the theme of this runyinglian lubrication Trend Seminar: mobile travel, building a sustainable future." In view of the technical points, adaptability, specification and viscosity of passenger car oil in the future, runyinglian shared with the guests the industry observations and latest insights of experts from OEMs, industry organizations and standardization institutions

in the face of the complex and volatile industry market and the increasing demand for oil due to the imbalance of radial force of the gear pump of the hydraulic universal experimental machine, the runyinglian technical expert team delivered a speech around the themes of various fields, specifically introducing the development of power transmission technology and lubrication technology, the new progress of the basic oil industry, China's passenger car market and oil consumption trend, the development of China's heavy truck market and diesel engine lubrication technology The development and implementation of electrified transmission oil additives and other hot topics presented a wonderful brand feast for the guests present

under the joint witness of on-site partners and customer representatives, runyinglian launched its gf-6 new product globally in the "official publicity" of the seminar. As a leading global lubricant and fuel oil enterprise, runyinglian launched a new p5908 product with the official release of ILSAC gf-6 specification to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of OEM for fuel economy, durability and emissions

Mr. Chen Shaohui, President of runyinglian Greater China, announced the global launch of runyinglian's new ILSAC gf-6 specification products

after 20 years of hard work, we have worked together to create brilliance! The success and brilliance of runyinglian in the past 20 years cannot be separated from the follow-up and love of the majority of Chinese customers. It will also, as always, serve the Chinese market with strong technical strength and develop more products to meet the needs of the Chinese industry from a forward-looking and innovative perspective. As the world's leading transportation fuel and lubricant additive enterprise, runyinglian firmly believes that cooperation is the foundation for its excellent technical advantages and extremely reliable performance, and it is also the key to help customers stand out in the market. To this end, runyinglian has always been a reliable partner, working with all parties in the industry to "lubricate" the close operation of the whole industry, so as to lead the future market development and promote the overall upgrading of the whole industry

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