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eurotechs' mobile system solution can well meet the different requirements of vehicle communication system and data acquisition device manufacturers. As an embedded PC structure expert who is good at structural design and system integration, we have comprehensive technical and practical experience, which can optimize the cost, ensure the high reliability of products and shorten the time to market of customers' products

eurotech has applied its rich experience in reinforcement system integration and electronic/mechanical design to the design of commercial products, including standard pc/104, pc/104 plus and pci-104 motherboards and enclosure cards, as well as chassis, to ensure the ultimate success of our customers. Our goal is to work together with our customers to provide a full set of long-term solutions and provide corresponding products and technical support

zypad wrist PC is an ideal choice for on-site video conferencing, security, public safety and rescue applications; It can even be used as a personal wireless display screen of duracor on-board central processing unit. For applications that require both hands and computer assistance at work, it is even more inseparable from the zypad personal wearable computer

standard x86 CPU or Xscale CPU, an embedded operating system and application software that meet the specific functional needs, plus an on-board display. Commonly used operating systems include Linux, win-ce and win-xp embedded. In mobile computing applications, the design of the system is based on the extensible working temperature range, high integration, general i/o expansion and reinforcement. Most embedded mobile systems combine Integrated Mobile PCs, displays, and user input devices such as touch screens and rugged keyboards

in this system, it is very common to combine analog and digital i/o with WLAN or WiFi and global cellular roaming network through GPS positioning. Modern peripheral devices and intelligent sensors use high-speed serial bus for communication: can bus, wired or wireless serial port (RS-485) and USB1.1 or USB2.0. This connected and decentralized configuration approach has many advantages over the traditional all in one box analog/digital i/o scheme. EuroTech can develop customized special application interfaces according to different needs

in-field or on-site systems need to be connected to the central data system, database or remote server for communication, which requires a high-speed WLAN network in the city or suburbs, while full wireless coverage requires roaming in gsm/gprs, Tetra or CDMA2000 1x cellular networks. Intelligent embedded controller is an important part of modern urban infrastructure. It can connect this wireless infrastructure with customs to serve public transportation, government or public security institutions

system certification is a necessary condition for this system to enter the market. EuroTech has accumulated rich experience from applications all over the world, so it is able to meet various environmental, mechanical and electronic requirements, and comply with various regulations in Europe, the United States and Asia

eurotech also provides supercomputer series products with high strength and reliability, which can be used to create national basic facilities (government databases, banks, scientific research, astronomical and seismic model calculation) with relatively high level of material technology research in China

products and solutions

eurotech has developed several standard system platforms, which can easily complete the configuration changes of each platform according to the actual needs. Please contact EuroTech to discuss the system you need and the project. Normally, there is no oil dripping or intermittent oil dripping when the tonnage is high

eurotech system:

zypad WL 1000 - wrist mounted personal wireless computer

wrist mounted personal PC solution

3.5 TFT high brightness touch screen

windows CE 5.0 operating system

compatible with existing PDA software, easy to install

built-in GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and USB host and device ports

reinforced body design, adjustable wrist wear

large capacity battery, Support 8-hour operation

-10 - +50 ° c operating temperature

duracor - standard embedded central processing unit

system configuration:

duracor 1100 - vehicle logic unit

duracor 1220/1320 - ruggedized mobile central processing unit

duracor 1340 - high performance MPEG4 video compression unit

duracor 1910 - ruggedized mobile communication server

ruggedized mechanical structure and sealed vehicle connector <

Intel 400MHz Celeron or 800MHz Pentium III processor

structural heat dissipation n) experimental report: the report can be prepared and printed according to the format required by the user- Wide temperature -25 ~ +70 ° C operation

avl light reinforced vehicle positioning and information processing system

system configuration:

wince 5.0


reinforced mechanical structure and sealed vehicle connector

low power Intel PXA 250 embedded processor

built-in GPS, WiFi, gsm/gprs, serial port, Audio and isolation i/o

vehicle level VDC power supply

wide temperature -25 ~ +70 ° C operation

edu vehicle mounted display

Project customized products

12.1 bright TFT display

LVDS or analog SVGA

this year, it has achieved the first mass production project of vehicle carbon fiber parts in China, wide temperature operation, large-scale backlight adjustment

vehicle mounted power supply and microprocessor control system

<20 ~ +70 ° c.wide temperature operation

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