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"Shibo" is more wonderful. Unicom 3G allows you to see the world without leaving home

when the 3G era encounters the World Expo year, what wonderful life will Unicom 3G present? When you have Unicom iPhone in your hand, how will you play the Expo

Chinese tourists can see the world without going abroad, and foreign tourists can "travel around the world" just by coming to Shanghai. An Expo that is very attractive to almost all groups in the world is coming

but just saying no, seeing is believing. For those who have no chance to visit the Expo in person, what should we do? Don't worry, you can open your Unicom iPhone, and through the "palm Expo", you can have "zero distance" with the Expo anytime, anywhere

it is predicted that the Shanghai WorldExpo will attract 3.5 million overseas tourists, 80% of whom may use WCDMA technology with 3G in their hands. WCDMA has undoubtedly become the best "language" for the Expo to connect the world

zero distance, "Shibo" can see

in the era of mobile Internet, video has become the most popular lifestyle at present. To deepen the role of industry university research, Unicom iPhone users have such a habit, whether it is the latest season of American dramas, the most popular MV, we are used to taking out anytime and anywhere, rather than waiting to return home to sit in front of the TV to enjoy

when the 3G era encounters the World Expo year, there is no doubt that it will further shorten the distance between viewers and video. In the world, we should closely follow the imported technical specifications. What if you want to have zero distance contact with the WorldExpo? Need to be on site all the time? Of course not. You only need a Unicom WCDMA 3G, and you can use the high-speed 3G network to achieve smooth real-time TV viewing. You can have a panoramic view of CCTV, Dongfang long TV and other TV stations' reports on the Expo

in addition, through Unicom WCDMA network, you can also experience on-demand and even sharing experience that is no different from video stations. As early as the beginning of the year, Unicom reached strategic cooperation with Ku6, and a wonderful "video Expo" was also launched

it's very affordable. A single channel costs 32 yuan per month.

3g watching video is not very expensive? No, the charge of Unicom video is quite "people-friendly"

it is reported that Unicom video is divided into live broadcast, on-demand and download

among on-demand programs, video on demand programs are divided into many categories, such as sports and entertainment. They are priced according to the cost of Unicom purchasing the program and the length of video clips, and users are clearly priced. For example, there are 2m ordinary columns, 3M high-quality columns, and the monthly program package is 5-30 yuan

while in zhi6 Coating: in the broadcast program of testing the wear resistance of various coating materials such as paint, users can use Unicom 3G to watch CCTV, Dongfang long TV and other programs. The cost of ordering live programs is a single channel. Because there is always a small opening in the electro-hydraulic servo valve during the stretching process, the cost of a single channel is 5-10 yuan per month

no video, no 3G

can we only watch real-time TV programs and on-demand videos with high-speed WCDMA network? If you think so, there are surprises waiting for you. In addition to live broadcast, download and on-demand, Unicom TV also launched segment video and other services, such as video greeting cards. The content of the greeting cards is provided by partners. Users click on the content and fill in the blessing information and recipient information. The platform will send the SMS containing the link of the video resource page with personalized information to the recipient. Changjiang business daily

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