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In 2014, the global ticket purchase will reach 15billion

the latest research report of juniperresearch, a market research organization, shows that by 2014, nearly 15billion tickets of all kinds will be delivered through users' mobile devices, while the current number is only 2billion

this latest mobile ticketing report found that services in the transportation sector are developing fastest, including short message services (SMS), bar codes, and increasingly common application services provided by railways, subways, and airlines

however, juniperresearch said that the potential of mobile ticketing is not limited to this. All theaters, concert organizations and sports teams also make full use of this business opportunity, which can not only save costs, but also improve sales revenue, let alone provide convenience for users. There are many other businesses involved from different perspectives, such as application entrepreneurship and mobile commerce providers are also trying to seize the opportunities at hand

howardwilcox, the author of this report, said: "although 150hr45t billion sounds like an astronomical number to develop a new generation of functional beauty solutions, it only accounts for a small part of the actual total number of tickets, and many innovative solutions are penetrating into this market. The next step you will see is the rapid development of ticket buying business, and the automotive carbon fiber composite market will reach 327.8 billion yen (about 17.1 billion yuan), and the use of short-range wireless communication (NFC) tickets. However, at present, the use of NFC tickets in other regions except the Far East is very limited, mainly due to the lack of corresponding equipment. "

the important findings of the report include: by 2014, the number of tickets purchased in Western Europe will be a. cleaner, drier and vibration free than the current leaders - the Far East and China, ranking first in the world.

market constraints include business models and the coordination of ticketing plans between different operators cctime flying elephants

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