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China Mobile Unicom has stepped up the recruitment of channel providers, frequently recruiting and grabbing users,

tit for tat, which is becoming the normal competition for operators in the 3G era. Such a good play will be staged on Monday. In the morning, China Unicom announced strategic cooperation with five major retail chain enterprises, including Shenzhen Hengbo, Guangdong Dadi, Dongguan Jietong, Guangdong Longyue and Guangdong JUNHE; In the afternoon, China Mobile Guangdong company (hereinafter referred to as "Guangdong Mobile") announced that it had signed an overall franchise cooperation agreement with six provincial-level core chain channels, including Zhongyu, JUNHE, DiXinTong, Yitian, Leyu and jinjiaxin. Both sides coincidentally launched a new round of socialized channel expansion. What is the strategic layout behind this

unprecedented passion for channel expansion

for China Unicom, the signing of the contract with the five major Guangdong chain enterprises is of great significance, including the corrosion, degradation, wear and property degradation of materials by the biological environment. In the words of the relevant person in charge of China Unicom, "China Unicom has broken the blockade of mainstream social channels at one fell swoop". It is understood that through this signing, China Unicom will receive the support of 1200 stores of five chain enterprises, establish a special area for business handling and terminal sales of China Unicom in these stores, and promote various communication businesses and products of China Unicom. In addition to Gome, Suning and Wuxing electrical appliances, which have previously signed contracts, 7 of the top 10 chain stores in China have reached strategic cooperation with China Unicom. As a result, China Unicom has preliminarily completed the channel strategic layout of W CDMA and established a strong WCDMA channel strategic cooperation alliance

compared with China Unicom, the signing plan of Guangdong Mobile is also quite large. According to the agreement, Guangdong Mobile will focus on launching 1000 authorized business sites in conjunction with 6 signing channels. These authorized business sites will cover the major communication business districts in the province, and gradually load the marketing plan that has been with the mobile business hall. The image will also be unified, forming an effective supplement to the mobile business hall. According to the relevant person in charge of Guangdong Mobile, the first batch of 400 authorized business points of the cooperation between the two sides will be opened in May. At that time, taking full advantage of the advantages and resources of both sides to fully complement each other will certainly expand the channels, terminals and business influence of both sides, so as to achieve win-win results

promoting user growth is the fundamental goal

why do China Mobile and China Unicom expand their social channels at the same time? In this regard, the relevant person in charge of Guangdong Mobile explained that signing the contract on the same day is "lottery", but strengthening the cooperation with social channels is driven by market demand and is imperative. According to this person, in the cooperation between Guangdong Mobile and six chain enterprises this time, the expansion of sales channels of customized terminals will be one of the most important tasks. " Originally, some high-end customization that is only self-supporting and currently mainly sold by small enterprises in production channels will also be sold in the chain stores of this cooperation, which will not only be convenient for users, but also be an effective business pull

"The so-called business driving is obviously the growth of users or the extension of users' time through the sales of customized terminals with high subsidies. According to industry experts, at present, China's telecommunications market has entered the stage of 3G scale development, and the sales share of operators' customized terminals has been increasing. It is understood that the market share of customized terminals has increased from 15% in 2006 to nearly 35% now. Channel providers need to strengthen cooperation with operators to achieve Interest binding. At the same time, operators will also concentrate resources to cultivate and support core channels whose market value will exceed 800million since then. The cooperation between channel operators and operators will be further deepened, and one-on-one cooperation will become the main form of cooperation

Unicom obviously also has a clear understanding of the development of this situation. According to Unicom insiders, the store networks of the five companies signed this time are widely distributed in Guangdong and many provinces in southern and central China, mainly selling well-known brands at home and abroad such as Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson, with an annual retail volume of more than 3million units, of which nearly 40% are w CDMA 3G, and the proportion is still growing rapidly. "This means that through cooperation, we can use the sales experience of channel providers to promote the rapid development of user groups." The person said

win win has become the channel transformation direction of operators. The arrival of the 3G era has brought new development opportunities to China's telecommunications market, but it is also promoting changes in the rules of the game in the industry. According to ZTE insiders, since 2010, the channel management policies of major operators have changed a lot. "Originally, the sales of customized terminals were mainly done through the operator's own channels, but now they are inclined to social channels. China Mobile and a model customized by us even clearly require 70% of the volume to go through social channels. The demand for scale effect behind this is the key."

however, this is only the first step. It is understood that before 2011, the terminal socialized channels of mobile, Unicom and other operators mostly adopted the mode of guodai distribution, but from this year, operators began to strengthen cooperation with regional chain stores, "this is to expand channel coverage on the one hand, and standardize management loopholes on the other hand." Insiders of Guangdong Zhongyu Telecom told that expanding the production capacity of steel structures has become an effective way to resolve the production capacity. Under the national generation model, the phone fee subsidies of operators are likely to fall into the hands of end users, but cooperation with regional chains can strengthen the channel management and control ability of operators. "This is also an important reason why China Mobile and China Unicom have signed a high-profile contract with Guangdong chain enterprises."

in the view of chain enterprises such as Zhongyu, DiXinTong and Longyue, the biggest change brought about by the change in the attitude of operators is that terminal channel providers can finally achieve win-win with operators, "In the 3G era, the channel cooperation form led by operators can not only bring better service network to operators, but also bring opportunities for chain enterprises to transform from pure terminal sales to service value-added. This win-win model is of great positive significance to the whole industry, especially to consumers." Said Yang Qun, an analyst at ZhanGuoCe in Shenzhen. South

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