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Push the sales performance of Guosi Valin Tianjin market to improve significantly

push the sales performance of Guosi Valin Tianjin market to improve significantly

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return visit we have never interrupted and delayed for several times, and the implementation time of the national national fourth standard has been finally determined recently. However, in marketing, Valin pushed her at Guosi, saying: every time I buy vegetables, I use so many bags, and I never wait and see in my work, We still put the sales of the fourth model in the first place, and the sales personnel in various regional markets are actively working to promote the fourth model. Jiachaoqun, marketing manager of Valin Tianjin, said that although there is no official document in Tianjin to specify the implementation time of the fourth national standard, the sales of the fourth national standard model in Tianjin market are smooth. From January to may, more than 100 vehicles of the fourth national standard model have been sold

Jia Chaoqun said, "in terms of environmental protection and energy conservation, it is imperative to fully implement the national four emission standards on January 1, 2015. Valin has already made a lot of investment and full preparation in terms of capital, technology, procurement, production and services. Moreover, Tianjin market has fully supplied the National four oil products. From the current Tianjin market, the implementation conditions are basically mature."

although the hardware supporting the promotion of the fourth national standard has been mature and perfect, there are still obstacles. "The biggest resistance comes from users, who are particularly sensitive to the cost of buying cars. The upgrade of emission standards will first bring about an increase in the cost. Due to the addition of a set of exhaust after treatment system, the cost of buying cars will increase. According to the average level of the industry, the price of National IV cars will be 20000 to 30000 yuan higher than that of national III cars. Users' acceptance of National IV cars is not high," said Jia Chaoqun, "Nevertheless, we still need to promote the national four vehicles to users and convince them from the general trend of industry development. With the full implementation of the national four standards, Tianjin will affix yellow labels to all national three vehicles. Logistics companies pay more attention to this. Generally, the vehicle operation cycle of logistics companies is fiveorsix years. If yellow labels are affixed during the operation period, it is very unfavorable to the company's operation, because after the vehicles are affixed with yellow labels, many sections of the road will be banned 。 Of course, some users with short transportation routes don't care about sticking yellow labels, so they don't have much demand for the national four vehicles. "

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