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Linuo, together with German giants, made medicinal glass. The new material industry will still have great potential. Linuo group, which started from glass, began to make efforts in the field of medicinal glass. On August 9, Rino group and German JSJ company recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement: the two sides will fully cooperate in the design of special glass furnace, melting technology, 3. The control of digital display electronic tensile testing machine novodur HD m203fc G3 is certified in the relevant provisions of ISO 10993. System maintenance: glass machinery and laboratory. It is reported that JSJ has successfully provided technical services to glass factories in more than 60 countries, including China, or undertaken glass furnace projects. Its special glass technology represents the international top level

currently, domestic high borosilicate glass packaging materials for storing frozen biological products, blood products, etc. are mainly imported, and domestic large-scale production is still blank. This time, Linuo group cooperated with JSJ company in Germany to jointly develop 3. 3 high borosilicate pharmaceutical packaging products will fill the domestic 3. The blank in the production of high borosilicate medical glass tubes can make the production level of medical glass packaging materials in China reach the international advanced level. The demand for lino standard is extremely urgent. The group is an early enterprise engaged in the production of pharmaceutical packaging products in China. This time, it will join hands with JSJ company to break the history of China's pharmaceutical glass tubes without grade a materials

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