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In recent years, the domestic excavator market has developed rapidly, but the excavator power supporting market is almost occupied by many foreign brands. As an important manufacturer in China's excavator industry, Rexroth has always had a deep "China Complex". Exciting news came from the 2016 Shanghai BMW exhibition of Rexroth, Lishide sc210.9 excavator equipped with sinotruk man technology engine and lishide's self-produced Zhongchuan hydraulic parts made an amazing debut. This excavator has been fully localized, and the test results perfectly show its superior product performance

Rexroth sc210.9 excavator fully localized

it is learned that 6. impact head size: ф 12.7mm ф Some of the 25.4mm commercially available tensile machines are 10~500 mm/min. Sinotruk Mann technology engine was introduced by sinotruk group from Germany Mann company in 2009. In 2009, sinotruk described its current situation as: the company has signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with Germany Mann company, the country of full load production. Mann company has exclusively licensed its D08, D20 and D26 engine technology to sinotruk. Sinotruk Mann technology engine is produced synchronously with Germany, The quality standard is the same as that of Germany Mann company. The parts and complete machine are released with the approval of Germany Mann company. The supporting parts are the products of the original supplier of Germany Mann company. The product performance and reliability are firmly guaranteed. The engine has the advantages of "mature and reliable, strong power, economic efficiency, comfort and environmental protection", and its minimum fuel consumption is only 183g/kw h. The noise is only 94db (a), and the vibration intensity is class B, which meets China's non road three-stage emission standard

with the "China heart", rextec excavator will have a stronger competitive advantage. First, as a domestic brand, China heavy truck engine has a better understanding of the needs of domestic users. It can timely and accurately analyze, develop and improve products in China's vast territory of high altitude, high cold, high temperature, different oil products and different working conditions. It has an incomparable adaptability advantage over foreign brand products. Second, Sinotruk is a key enterprise in China's machinery manufacturing industry. It has a long history, strong social service capacity and sound after-sales service network. Its power system alone has more than 700 special service stations in China, which can provide more timely and humanized services for end customers at the 102nd annual meeting of the China National Chemical Industry news Council, which is crowded with chemical industry leaders. Third, China's heavy truck products have a huge social stock, and the purchase of engine parts is convenient The purchase cost is low, which significantly reduces the maintenance expenditure of customers

Rexroth sc210.9 excavator completed the perfect matching of power system and hydraulic system for the first time, breaking the monopoly of foreign brands in the excavator power market and hydraulic system market, and creating greater value for domestic users

this is also the mission of Rexroth sc210.9 excavator. The "Chinese heart" of the power system and the "Chinese core" of the hydraulic system have achieved a historic breakthrough in China's large-scale construction machinery. Let's look forward to its good performance, add color to the full localization of excavators in Chinese enterprises, and help the transformation and development of national enterprises! (this article is from Rexroth)

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