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Lick's new generation products set off a revolution in automatic cutting system

lick announced the launch of its new vector series automatic multi-layer cutting system. This new generation of vector products can effectively meet the new needs of manufacturers, especially in terms of improving productivity and quality, reducing costs, and improving tailoring flexibility and reliability

Danial Harari, CEO of lick, said: "the new generation vector has set a new standard in terms of cutting speed, but real cutting quality and reliability. The R & D investment of 1.2 million euros is a high bet, placing our high hopes on this new generation product. It represents a real technological leap and is the crystallization of our more than 20 years of experience in the cutting room."

an important technological innovation

it is understood that the manufacturing process of the new generation vector is more reasonable. Due to the accelerated cutting capacity and improved productivity, manufacturers can produce high value-added sub parts without forwarding them to subcontractors, so that they can more effectively control the cost, quality and the whole production process

this technological innovation is backed by the long-term experience of lik cutting solutions. As early as 1985, lick launched the first cutting model. Since then, lick has steadily promoted innovation, continuously enriched such cutting products, and built vector into a leading standard automatic cutting system

in order to avoid errors and facilitate use, the operating software of the system has been completely redesigned. In this way, even an unskilled operator can operate the system after receiving the simplest training. Moreover, because the system can be customized and the interface has more than 20 languages, it is very convenient to use and provides several guiding automation programs. In addition, the system cuts accurately and reduces the cutting space unprecedentedly, thus ensuring the unprecedented flexibility of the production process and greatly saving the material consumption

"now, with the new vectorfast ionfx, we can use the same amount of raw materials to produce more clothes with excellent cutting quality", said Marino buonavita, production manager of texatra, an Italian menswear brand. As a partner of Nike, the company has tested the new solution for several months

new products suitable for the needs of various markets and manufacturing processes

this new vector product draws on the previous generation of vector cutting system and can meet the specific needs of various markets: vectorfashion for the fashion market, vectorauto for car seat and interior component manufacturers,

vectortechtex for industrial fabrics (glass fiber, fiber B, etc.), In order to avoid the development and failure of new and regenerated oral HDPE bottles that can be processed and produced, and the ~ectorfurniture for upholstery furniture manufacturers

in addition, the new generation vector can also handle the specific needs of each manufacturing process. For companies that produce small series of products and require fast shipment, lik recommends using vector FX and vector FP versions. The FX version is flexible and reliable, ensuring high-speed cutting and perfect quality, thus ensuring immediate delivery to retailers. The FP version is specially designed for new users of the automatic cutting system. It is easy to use and has high cutting quality. It is very suitable for companies that still cut by hand

for companies that conduct mass production, MH version can be adopted. This product can cut compressed fabrics with a thickness of 8 cm. It has excellent performance and cutting quality, and has become a new market standard. M88 series is specially developed for manufacturers who have not yet realized production automation. It has energy-saving function and intelligent "cutting tool saving" system, which can reduce the operation cost

the MX version has extremely high productivity, which is the crystallization of a major technological progress. It can help manufacturers such as automobile and fashion companies effectively cope with the challenge of producing a large number of products in a short time, increase production, handle more types of orders, and continuously encourage them to optimize the organization and production of ball screw with the highest accuracy

an intelligent performance service

manufacturers are under great pressure to produce more products at a faster speed and at a lower cost. Through a new generation of vector and major innovations in services, lik has further strengthened its commitment to helping customers overcome challenges

in order to optimize the integration with the cutting room, the new generation of vector's operating software provides a comprehensive maintenance system that can monitor performance and warn when potential problems are detected. Through the alarm system, corrective measures can be taken in time before the fault occurs, so as to reduce the intervention of Rick technicians and ensure the effective operation of the cutting system to the greatest extent. In addition, the operating software can also automatically generate performance and activity reports, which are stored in the company's information system as the basis for cutting room audit

the intelligent function of the system has brought a revolutionary and reliable solution to manufacturers, effectively avoiding the loss caused by production delay

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