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Doors and windows are closely related to life. Choose a good door and window to make life better.

the quality of sleep is directly related to the working state of the next day. Good sleep quality can make you have plenty of work experience and get twice the result with half the effort, so poor sleep quality will be counterproductive. So what factors are related to the quality of sleep? How can we create a good living environment for you and your family to have a good sleep quality

1. Temperature

bedroom temperature is the primary factor affecting people's sleep quality. Too cold or too hot in the bedroom is not conducive to people's sleep. Studies have shown that the human body can get good sleep in a room at 20-22 ℃

the bridge cutoff aluminum doors and windows adopt double-layer insulating glass, which effectively separates the heat transfer caused by the indoor and outdoor temperature difference, and has the effects of heat insulation, heat preservation and energy saving. For the winter with large temperature difference between day and night, it is really the little helper of the house for cold resistance

2. Noise

the bedroom needs a quiet environment. If it is too noisy, it will affect the sleep quality and cause restlessness and tossing

the bridge cutoff aluminum doors and windows adopt sound insulation insulating insulating glass, with tight joints, forming a good seal with the window frame,

to ensure your bedroom is quiet and give you high-quality sleep

3. Humidity

when sleeping, the bedroom should not be too dry or too wet. When the air humidity is lower than 40%rh, the ciliary movement on the mucous membrane of human respiratory system slows down, and dust, bacteria, bacteria, etc. are more likely to adhere to the mucous membrane, which is very easy to induce pharyngitis, tracheitis, pneumonia and other diseases. When the air humidity is greater than 65%rh, the amount of pineal hormone in the human body is large, and people will feel listless and depressed. Generally, the humidity index of the bedroom suitable for people to sleep is 50-65% RH

bridge cutoff aluminum profile, reasonable separation of water vapor chamber, successful realization of equal pressure balance of air and water, good water tightness and air tightness of doors and windows, can maintain the humidity of the bedroom in the dry winter in the north, and protect the physical and mental health of the family

4. Color

in our eyes, there are some receptors called ganglion cells in the retinal region, which are sensitive to colors that are too bright and too bright, so we can't use colors that are too cold or have large visual contrast in the bedroom. The doors and windows of the bedroom should use environmental friendly, warm and soft colors, and cooperate with the bedroom design with monotonous colors, which will help us sleep

the surface of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is treated with electrostatic powder spraying or wood grain transfer printing, which can meet the customized needs of customers in various colors, complement the overall interior design, and make your living environment more comfortable

it is recommended that you change a bridge cutoff aluminum door and window (Xifei door and window) with soft color, good sealing and high cost performance for your family, so as to create a comfortable and warm living environment for your family, so that you can be energetic and healthier every day

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