Pollution prevention measures for children's room

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1. The decoration of children's rooms should pay attention to not laying floors, carpeting, ceiling, and using less paint and coating

2. Pay attention to the selection of furniture in children's room: select according to national standards, and pay attention to that the volume of furniture should not exceed 50% of the room; Pay attention to the strict edge sealing and double-sided boards for wood-based panel furniture; When children's clothes are placed in new furniture, they should be sealed and packaged

3. In order to ensure safe ventilation, windows with upward rotating ventilation devices should be installed, and fresh air ventilation devices should be installed in rooms with poor ventilation. Ventilation should be ensured in the morning and evening every day, and each time should be more than half an hour

4. Pay attention to prevent formaldehyde pollution of children's articles and clothes, such as curtains in the room, newly bought clothes, cloth furniture and cloth toys

5. The newly decorated children's room should be ventilated and purified

according to different seasons, ventilation is generally required for 15 to 30 days. You should also check in according to national standards after passing the test. You must listen to expert opinions for indoor environmental purification and treatment; In addition, select qualified purification and treatment products to prevent secondary pollution





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