How to match the wall cloth in a small space

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How to match the small space with the wall cloth

how to match the small space with the wall cloth

the house price continues to rise, it is a great blessing to have one's own small house, and the decoration of the small space needs more attention. Clapboard and tatami, in addition to these sharp tools for small house decoration, a good choice of wall cloth can also make the home different by the way

plain color or stripe: extend the space effect to create a visual sense

solid color, plain color and stripe wall cloth give people a clean and fresh feeling after paving. The carpets dyed with ink are matched with simple and textured furniture lighting. The use of plain wall cloth appropriately avoids the clutter of the space. It is modest and calm. The trend of stripes has an upward extension effect visually, making the space more breathable

Abstract plant patterns: simple and elegant natural beauty

the design style is mainly comfortable, and the choice of wall cloth is more inclined to warm colors, as well as patterns with small flowers and vines. After paving, the whole space is warm and soft. The tortoise backed bamboo on the bedside table brings a green meaning to the space, and plays a role in the key point. Other unique small things also add a lot of interest to the space

regular pattern: match and coordinate with the whole home environment.

the evolution of classic Damascus pattern. Its regular pattern brings us balanced aesthetic enjoyment and stable psychological effect. Moreover, continuous pattern design, to a certain extent, also extends the line of sight focus and extends the visual range of space. Orange is cheerful and pink is romantic. Under the harmony of the colors of the flower wall cloth, it is very harmonious and deduces a romantic female space

the wall cloth is like a beautiful work of art, which can always bring you unexpected surprises. There is no need to fight in a small space. Choose the wall cloth and make the small space different in an instant





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