Trudeau beset by series of crises as PM, 2022 prom

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Trudeau beset by series of crises as PM, 2022 promises to be no different | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Another year, another crisisThe Star. Follow her on Twitter: @alex_mckeen.

For Justin TrudeauI think extreme fatigue. Bone weariness i, it’s become something of a routineThe event had just ended and medals are going somewhere because of a round robin..

Of his six years as prime ministerThe ministry wanted to get ahead of possible news coverage., only one — his first — has been what might be considered a normal year of governings Health Minister declared Monday, with the usual ups and downs.

His first mandate was upended in the second year by the potentially calamitous election of Donald Trump south of the border.

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