The hottest ink listed company will increase by 4.

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A listed ink company, with a fixed increase of 4.4 billion yuan, how does it do "Internet +?"

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core tip: Letong shares, which has been suspended for many days, resumed trading on May 29 and announced a package of fixed increase investment plans. The specific content is to invest in Liu Qiuhua, Zheng Suzhen, Zhou Jingfen, Yier Tongrui, Yuan Jin, who are one of the actual controllers at the price of 8.98 yuan/share It is recalled that the targeted issuance of no more than 489.6 million shares by 6 specific target investors of Internet and the raising of no more than 4.397 billion yuan

[China Packaging News] Letong shares, which had been suspended for many days, resumed trading on May 29 and announced a package of fixed increase investment plans. The specific content is to issue no more than 489.6 million shares at a price of 8.98 yuan/share to six specific target investors, including Liu Qiuhua, Zheng Suzhen, Zhou Jingfen, Yier Tongrui, Yuanjin investment, and Yixiang interconnection, all for the construction of data bank management platform projects Mobile digital marketing integrated service platform project, Internet + advertising trading platform project, media creative production platform project, digital marketing base construction project, replenishment of working capital, repayment of bank loans, as well as the acquisition of 100% equity of jiuyu Internet by 585million yuan and the acquisition of 100% equity of pfiter by 286million yuan

among them, Liu Qiuhua subscribed for 1.93 billion yuan in cash, Zheng Suzhen subscribed for 1.66 billion yuan in cash, Zhou Jingfen subscribed for 98.78 million yuan in cash, Yier Tongrui subscribed for 182 million yuan in cash, Yuanjin investment subscribed for 351 million yuan with 60% shares of jiuyu Internet, and recalled that Internet subscribed for 172 million yuan with 60% equity of pfiter. It is worth noting that after the completion of this fixed increase, the shareholding ratio of the actual controller liuqiuhua and his wife will be increased from 13% to 34.97%, and Zheng Suzhen is the mother of Xu Xiang, the head of Zexi

Letong Co., Ltd. is one of the leading enterprises in the domestic packaging and printing ink industry. It is the only ink manufacturer in the Pearl River Delta region in China that also owns provincial famous brand products and provincial famous trademarks. It is a licensed printing ink manufacturer of Pantone company in the United States

however, the company's performance fell to the bottom last year. In 2014, the company achieved an operating income of 597.57 million yuan, an increase of 5.91% year-on-year; The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 5.46 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 73.84% in 2013. The net profit of the company decreased significantly, mainly due to the increase of 267.89% in the financial expense rate during the period; The amount of financial expenses increased by 9.24 million yuan over the same period last year, mainly due to the increase in the average loan amount during the reporting period and the decrease in deposit interest income. This situation continues. In the first quarter of this year, the company's monthly net profit in 2015 is expected to be -4.5 million yuan to 0 million yuan. This fixed increase can be said to have far-reaching significance for the company's recent performance improvement and long-term layout

directly boost economic benefits

first, reduce interest expenses. In 2014, the company's bank borrowings totaled 234.33 million yuan, and the interest expenditure reached 121800 yuan, accounting for 53.67% of the profit before interest and tax. The fixed increase company plans to use the raised funds of 108.1 million yuan to repay bank loans. After the completion of the fixed increase, the financial expenses can be reduced and the profitability of the company can be improved

secondly, increase net profit. The nine domain Internet and pfitel acquired by this fund-raising have good economic returns. The counterparty promised that the annual net profit of nine domain Internet after non deduction would not be less than 45 million yuan, 58.5 million yuan and 76.05 million yuan respectively. The annual net profit of Pfizer after non deduction is not less than 22million yuan, 28.6 million yuan and 37.18 million yuan respectively. The total annual net profits of the two companies after non deduction are not less than 67 million yuan, 87.16 million yuan and 113.23 million yuan respectively. After the completion of the fixed increase, the company's main business income and income sources will change dramatically

extend to the downstream industrial chain

after years of accumulation, Letong shares has many large brand customer resources, and is the main ink supplier of product packaging for well-known enterprises such as Coca Cola, Unilever, uni president, Wahaha, Yunyan, etc. the ink products provided by the company for customers can be used as the marketing medium for brand communication

in May this year, the company acquired 75% equity of Xuanxiang Siyue in cash. After the acquisition, Jeff of the company cited some specific cases: "For example, the surgical instrument box and tray business produced by our radel PPSU consists of two boxes and two boxes of equipment, which can be identified as high-temperature area and low-temperature area. The local structure has changed from a single ink production to a two wheel driven business pattern of offline high-end manufacturing + online digital marketing. Through the acquisition, the company quickly obtained the management team, media resources and operation experience of Xuanxiang Siyue, implanted the genes of Internet + thinking and digital marketing, and has a deepened layout The foundation of digital marketing industry chain

after the completion of this non-public offering, the company will improve its layout in the field of digital marketing, with the ability to serve customers in a full range of ways, including creative planning, data mining, accurate delivery, media integration, effect monitoring, etc., to form a digital marketing trading platform supported by big data, covering a large amount of audience consumption behavior data on PC and mobile terminals, and through data extraction and processing, to meet the marketing demands of different advertisers. In addition, the business structure, technical characteristics and media resources of the two target companies to be acquired this time are highly collaborative with Xuanxiang Siyue, and complementary to the industrial chain of the self built project invested by this fund. The company said that it can measure the tensile strength, specified non proportional extension strength, elastic modulus, elongation and other mechanical properties of steel strands. After this non-public offering, the company will open the prelude to the strategic upgrading of interconnection +

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