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The development of the printing ink packaging and printing market has accelerated

[China Packaging News] different from the customers of all walks of life owned by commercial printing enterprises, the customers of packaging and printing enterprises are mainly brand suppliers. In the 21st century, global solutions, proliferation of single products, reduction by CIRA, low cost, clear and easy to have twists and turns in personalized needs. The current real needs of the above brands and consumers are prompting packaging enterprises to change through innovation. Although the view that packaging box is only packaging box still exists, the form and production method of packaging are undergoing subtle changes. Enterprises are increasingly aware of the importance of the packaging industry

according to the global flexible packaging market outlook, the global flexible packaging market will continue to grow at an annual rate of 3.5% in the next five years, and the output value is expected to reach 231 billion US dollars by 2018. This is only a part of the packaging market. It can be seen that the packaging and printing sector has broad prospects for development. Printing, which has been internalized as part of packaging, also took the opportunity to develop. This has promoted the development of the ink industry

can be integrated into Volvo's plate spring project. There is no doubt that the packaging and printing market has always shown a sustained growth trend in recent years, and its development situation in the next few years will still be more optimistic than the publishing and printing market. Because of this, almost all large ink manufacturers have focused on the packaging and printing field. They believe that even if the global economy develops slowly, There will be no big fluctuations in the packaging and printing market. Therefore, the packaging and printing market is an excellent development opportunity for the ink industry, but with the continuous enhancement of people's health awareness, the development of ink is also full of challenges

Lanzhou said that by the end of 2014, the packaging and printing industry in the city will be forced to use environmental friendly inks and low toxic and low volatile water-soluble solvents, and other non environmental friendly inks and solvents with toxic and harmful substances exceeding the standard are prohibited. This is not an example, but a development trend. Therefore, in order to achieve considerable development in this market, ink enterprises must improve the environmental protection performance of their products, mainly including: reducing ink migration, the trend of small-scale packaging, recyclable packaging materials, and reducing the cost of the impact machine, which must be able to maintain our impact machine well Environmental impact, etc. In fact, these challenges also bring new market opportunities to ink manufacturers. If we can provide customers with new ink products that meet the future development trend, we can get more room for growth

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