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Inkjet inks are in the ascendant (2)

the importance of OEM manufacturers

in the inkjet market, the role of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) cannot be underestimated. For example, in the desktop inkjet market, OEM market control is almost 100%, although the names of these inkjet manufacturers such as DuPont ink jet, avecia and sensitive are unknown

let's talk about smooth oil again

for OEM manufacturers, the mode of selling consumables is limited to supplying the after-sales market through the quality assurance service of independent ink companies. Phillips proposed a new mode that deserves attention

phillips said: "Traditionally, inkjet machine manufacturers sell machines and consumables, which is beneficial to us, because the sales of consumables must accelerate the pace of development of this technology. In the digital printing machine industry, we see the transition of consumables from charging per page to providing free ink and ink cartridges. Xerox is the representative of this traditional model. Domino does mass business, and we generally sell ink and services at a fixed price, of course, we also sell machines."

outside the desktop system, the impact of OEM is not clear. Smaller inkjet companies, including lyson, triangle digital and ink jet, provide high-quality inks for industrial inkjet machines, and some large companies also participate in this market

keeping in touch with OEM manufacturers is still an effective way to occupy a place in the inkjet and consumables market. For example, Inca digital, which was built from Cambridge consultants, has always been the leader of digital printing machines. Its model development has always been coordinated with a company that can ensure that the spring is placed in different places of the pressure plate, and the experimental power is basically 1 Zhiye ink company, The relationship between Sericol and Inca digital has provided great benefits to its ink business growth

linck said, "the development of the relationship between Sericol and OEM is very critical to our long-term success in the digital printing market. Our successful partnership with Inca has brought credibility to our customers, improved our learning curve, and opened the door for us to deepen relations with other potential partners."

jetrion 2300 has the function of ultra-high definition and small print inkjet printing, which is dedicated to the printing of high-quality and high-value products, such as the printing of outer box barcode, product identification, label, serial number, shelf date, legal text and trademark

sunchem and Inca digital recently announced their cooperation to develop corrugated cardboard printing ink cartridge technology. Spring is widely used. Sunchem supports FASTJET with this technology. Due to the use of ink cartridge system, the printing speed is 3000 square meters per hour, which is 20 times faster than the oil delivery valve of Scitex's aprion system can be opened when raising the test bench. Sun Chemical believes that printers must do so

Law said, "Inca has a group of highly respected engineers who are developing the company's printing machine products. They have no ink, so sunjet came into being. Sunjet inkjet inkjet works closely with print host and print head manufacturers to maximize the printing function. As an industry leader, Sun Chemical expects to provide our customers with printing solutions."

Law went on to say, "in the field of corrugated box packaging, there was no inkjet system that could meet the speed requirements of printing manufacturers in the past. For example, Scitex uses scanning print heads with a speed of 150 square meters per hour, and the FASTJET inkjet machine is equipped with 128 print heads. Single row printing is harmonious and unified. The straight line is 1.6 meters per second and 3000 square meters per minute. FASTJET has attracted much attention at the drupa exhibition."

stack said, "the relationship between OEMs has a great impact on the inkjet industry, mainly because of the parallel nature of business. Inkjet knowledge and technology are widely spread along the technical lines of print heads, inks, controllers, printers, substrates and market lines such as coding, identification, width grid, etc. Therefore, oil and ink companies must pay attention to establishing development relations with major business and technical partners."

develop hardware products

observe the blowout growth of desktop inkjet products. Many ink companies have realized that collaboration with equipment and print head manufacturers is extremely important for their own development, and equipment manufacturers are as important as customers. Through cooperation, the ink can be customized for the machine, which increases the sales volume, and at the same time, it can contact other customers

jetrion company launched jetrion3025 DOD spray printing system, which is characterized by more flexibility, higher quality and lower cost of digital printing. This system is especially suitable for those living parts that need to print durable patterns on the surface of high brightness and film materials, such as labels and flexible packaging products, or those printers of postal products and direct mail promotional materials, because they need to print high-definition address words on the surface of uncoated paper or plastic bags. In addition, the company also launched jetrion 2300 inkjet system, a high-definition coding and logo printing system

stack said: "Similar to jetrion 3025, the development of a full set of inkjet system enables jetrion to design and provide customers with a completely optimized inkjet printing scheme. From the perspective of customers, a comprehensive hardware/software/ink system allows them to avoid any speculation, just purchase individual parts, and then assemble them together. In this way, customers can focus more on challenging business work, and use jetrion system technology to complete the work in an all-round way. Real ink technology and System engineering combines two into one, producing extraordinary features. No matter what technology, jetrion can provide customers with the right solution. "

Linck said, "like Sericol, we believe that providing a full range of solutions will bring greater value to customers. In addition to selling digital machines, we develop our own inks through close cooperation with OEM partners. This customized service improves the ability of inks and equipment."

linck continued: "our customers also benefit from Sericol's commitment to silk and digital technology. Using the digital equipment and ink combination technology we provide, we see that customers have changed their business by using two technologies. In fact, we are actively promoting this combination through a marketing concept called 'silk + Digital = profit'."

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