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Who will win the first prize in the market competition of ink manufacturers

2012 and 2013 are quite suspense years for both printing machinery manufacturers and printing raw material suppliers

in 2012, due to the strong market demand for ink-jet printing and packaging printing, many printing ink manufacturers gained a lot in 2012. However, since 2013, commercial printing and other markets have declined, and the demand for ink has also decreased accordingly, which is self-evident

as an indispensable element of the printing industry, the raw material cost of ink has always been in a high position. However, in the current highly competitive market, manufacturers' promotion and price reduction of ink will inevitably lead to the shrinkage of enterprise profits. In order to win more profits, manufacturers of oils such as computer ink continue to develop new ink and letter ink production bases, and provide value-added services to key customers to stimulate printers to purchase their main test objects are non-metallic and metallic materials inks. In 2012, the sales volume of sunchem reached 3.78 billion US dollars, cop special fracture resistance US dollars, Flint sales reached 2.9 billion US dollars, Toyo ink sales was 1.39 billion US dollars, and the sales volume of sunvico was 1.31 billion US dollars, followed by Sakata INX, Tebo ink, t ktoka, Tokyo oil ink, SICPA, Fujifilm (North America company) and so on, all of which were in the leading position. 2012 will definitely affect 2013. Let's see the competitive competition in the ink market. Who will win the first prize

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