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Inkjet printer: solve 5 puzzles

1 I want to create an A4 size image from a small data. Please tell me how to get good output

you need large data to get large-scale output. Large data requires more time to process and more memory to store. Photonhace/1 can reduce data. One way to get good output from a small amount of data is the resampling function. For example, bicebic can reduce the file size. In other words, if the printer can run bicubic and you use the sampling function, the heads of state of China and Malaysia can visit each other and add your image in just one month, you can get A4 size output from the actual file size. Now, let me explain the adding function of printer driver

that is, photoenhance/4 may not be effective for those who do not need automatic color adjustment. Specifically, when you select "custom" and "advanced" in the attribute, and then select them, you can only adjust the brightness and resolution. This method can get good output even if you reduce pixels. Use the data from the digital camera. If you use a digital camera with two million pixels, it provides 160pixels/inch, 25*19cm images

therefore, it is possible to obtain A4 size output. If you use the bicubic-like add function run by the printer driver [photoenhance/1] to print, you will get a satisfactory resolution output. Moreover, the file is smaller than 6m. Using the data from the scanner, if you use 1200dpi to scan a 35mm film, and the image is 1700*1130pixrls, 36mm*24mm output capability, it becomes a 27*18cm, 160dpir image, so it is possible to obtain A4 size output. If you use the function of binary-lide, which is run by the printer driver [photoenhance/4], to print, you will get output with satisfactory resolution. And the file size is less than 6m

2. What are the main types of inkjet machines that can print in DOS environment


3. What if the inkjet printer fails to print due to timeout error

the so-called timeout error refers to that when you execute the print command, the printer does not accept the command, but the computer does not prompt the error message, like a crash


① check whether the printer cable is faulty

② check whether the printer is short of ink

③ reinstall the printer driver

4. Solutions to the problem of printer paper jam

the main problems of printer paper jam are: paper deflection, paper damage, no paper feeding. According to its structure, it can be simply divided into two categories: mechanical (Electrical) safety protection and electrical (pneumatic) safety protection. The paper output of equipment is incomplete, and the paper is wrinkled. Solution:

① observe where the paper is stuck

② judge the cause of paper jam

③ solve the paper jam

5. Solution to printer card head problem

① the main reason for the print card head is that the guide rail is dirty, so first observe whether the print guide rail is dirty

② if the guide rail is dirty, remove it for cleaning and add lubricating oil

there is no manual oil delivery valve and return valve ③ if the guide rail is worn, replace the guide rail

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