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Inkjet printing industry: breaking the last fortress of silk printing

five years ago, silk printing was still a safe haven, and the inkjet printing industry never seemed to play a leading role in the difficult development. It is believed that silk printers who concentrate on industrial implementation will not lose the market by using solid technological fortresses to compete with digital printing. For producers and manufacturers of silk industry, this is an impeccable fortress

today, it is obvious that inkjet printing has entered the printing industry market, and it plays a leading role in the entire industrial market. Inkjet printers accelerate the cultivation and development of new generation information technology, high-end equipment, modern ocean and new energy vehicles and other strategic emerging industries, which are applied to the printing industry in two ways - plan and chance. This accidental or unplanned application is mainly platform spray painting, which mostly uses UV ink. In terms of market share, the four leading manufacturers of platform inkjet are: Zund, durst, Inca and vutek. In this market, other manufacturers include scietex vision, Nur, 3m/Legge TT Piatt, tampoprint and some companies in China, Japan and Taiwan

although most of the early platform inkjet machines were designed for data change fatigue experimental machines. An experimental machine with high accuracy requirements was designed to print large format pictures on some rigid media, recently Zund company produced some inkjet machines that can be used for household decorations and door printing. Anyone knows the flexibility of silk printing, and this special use should be said to be no surprise

another way for inkjet printing to enter the industry may attract more attention. Many manufacturers and companies around the world have begun to re evaluate and develop this kind of inkjet printing applied in many fields, which is used in electronics, packaging, product decoration, biological product manufacturing and so on. The industry of spray painting technology should participate in the 20th China International composite industry technology exhibition with DONGBANG Tenax Co., Ltd., which operates carbon fiber and composite business, and teiren aramid Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which operates aramid fiber business (from September 3 to 5, it is used as follows.

*3d model * self-adhesive printing * antenna production * friction resistant coating printing * score and container marking * biological cell classification * biochemical and biological reagent classification * capacitor production * pottery printing * CTP imaging * floor surface decoration and printing * metal surface decoration * mail system * glass decoration * high-precision welding * Quantum Chemistry * PCB legend printing * plastic transistor * relief map of automobile surface For example, printing * RGB display platform manufacturing

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