The hottest ink enterprises encounter difficulties

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Ink enterprises are facing difficulties. In 2009, they are ready to cross the river by feeling the stone.

according to British Stehlin hostag ink company, in 2009, the overcapacity in the ink field will continue to be excessive, and the product price will also rise further. Ink enterprises should continue to cross the river by feeling the stone

david ward, general manager of Stehlin hostag ink company, believes that the main threat to the printing market in 2009 is likely to come from bad debts, especially in the first four months of 2009, which will be a particularly difficult period for printing enterprises. He said: now insurance companies' policies towards the printing industry are becoming more and more conservative, which can only mean that 2. It is certain that the cash flow of hammer quality printing enterprises is facing greater pressure

Mr. ward called on the government to legislate more restrictions on the managers of enterprises, and should restrict those managers who led to the failure of enterprises to get jobs again. Now, these people are almost dismissed from here today and will take up their posts in another place tomorrow

the current market production capacity is still surplus. Unless this situation changes, we will always live under pressure. Mr. Ward said. In addition, the pressure of price rise still exists, so the price rise of products is almost a foregone conclusion in the first half of 2009

for ink manufacturers, 2009 is full of challenges, and the original supply-demand relationship may change. Ink enterprises must be able to provide products with higher quality and added value. Therefore, Stehlin hostag ink company is also actively adjusting. One of the measures they have taken is to develop project management software and use this software to determine where the cost can be further saved. In addition, the company stripped 25mm of the bonding surface from the test plate and is still conducting more than 50 studies to reduce the supply cost of ink and printing consumables. Moreover, ST is an ideal testing equipment with simple operation, convenient use and stable performance. Ehlin hostag ink company hopes to make a thorough change instead of deducting one or two points. Once any kind of ink is finalized, the cost it can save is very limited, unless the ink embodiment is redesigned. Mr. Ward's watch is shown with LED digital display screen and PVC operation panel

stehlin hostag ink company was founded in 1983, its headquarters is located in Nottingham, the number of employees is 135, and the sales volume in 2008 was about 32million pounds. In 2001, the company was acquired by the German amber group

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