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Application of computer simulation technology in petroleum equipment (Part 2)

3.2 simulation analysis of dq600y power swivel

Baoji Petroleum machinery plant has developed a new top drive according to the needs of the site. Because the traditional design and calculation method is used in the design process of top drive, it is difficult to ensure the rationality and reliability of the new product without stress analysis of the complex characteristics of the structure and stress concentration and other factors. Therefore, it is of great theoretical significance and practical value to carry out mechanical analysis and structural optimization design of the new product in order to reduce the design and manufacturing costs and improve the reliability and comprehensive mechanical properties of the product

according to the service conditions of dq600y top drive power swivel, the mechanical design automation software pro/e developed by American PTC company is applied to establish three-dimensional solid models of all parts of dq600y top drive power swivel, and carry out structural assembly, interference inspection, kinematic simulation and finite element calculation. The stress distribution and dangerous parts of the main parts under different working conditions and different structural shapes are found, and the structural optimization is carried out to enlarge the gap between the force measuring piston and the force measuring cylinder. Carry out structural assembly, interference inspection, kinematic simulation and finite element calculation for the three-dimensional solid model of all parts of the power swivel of dq600y top drive device. The stress distribution and dangerous parts of the main parts under different working conditions and different structural conditions are found, and the structure is optimized. It provides a theoretical basis and method for the improvement and production of dq600y top drive power swivel

3.2.1dq600y top drive three-dimensional solid model establishment

in order to add blends to the infrastructure in the adjacent Bay area to form a foundation seal, which can carry out finite element analysis on various parts of the top drive, we must first establish a three-dimensional solid model of the analysis object. The main components of the power swivel include the central shaft, the big gear on the central shaft, the intermediate gear shaft, the helical gear, the pinion shaft, the torque increasing shaft, the torque increasing gear, the shift gear, the box and the bail, etc. The entity diagrams of the torque increasing shaft and gear are shown in figures 3 and 4

3.2.2 dq600y top drive structure assembly

dq600y top drive power swivel part is mainly composed of transmission part and box. In order to know whether the designed product has unreasonable structure and interference, the actual assembly must be carried out on the computer according to the assembly requirements, and the interference inspection must be carried out to find the possible problems or deficiencies in the original design in time. Because the mechanical design automation software (pro/e) has the above functions, it can easily realize the assembly and interference inspection of parts. As shown in Figure 5

3.2.3 motion analysis

in order to understand whether the designed product can achieve the motion function of the original design before actual production, the design always hopes to know the result before putting into production. Using traditional design methods, it is possible to know its motion only after the product is produced and carried out on-site experiments. First, insert the probe into the maximum range. Using computer simulation technology, we can know the motion performance and other working performance of the product before it is produced. In this design, according to the motion relationship of dq600y power swivel, by establishing its motion model, as shown in Figure 6, we can intuitively understand the motion law of the product on the computer

3.2.4 finite element calculation

in order to understand the strength and mechanical properties of the designed product and provide basis for further optimization of the design scheme, mechanical analysis and calculation must be carried out first. Because the traditional mechanical calculation method can only complete the mechanical calculation of some proud structures, there is no way to analyze and calculate the box type complex part structure, which is difficult to ensure the rationality and reliability of the designed products. Using mechanical design automation software to design products, because the software has strong finite element analysis and calculation function, it can easily realize the mechanical analysis and calculation of a variety of complex parts, and provide the basis and method for designers to design new products with reasonable structure and reliable performance. The following takes the box as an example to illustrate the process of finite element calculation using this software. According to the symmetry of structure and load, half of the box is taken for analysis and calculation. The finite element analysis model of the box is shown in Figure 7

divide the network and calculate the stress according to the finite element model determined above, and its finite element network is shown in Figure 8. The stress distribution diagram is shown in Figure 9

from the stress distribution diagram, it can be seen that the stress is large at the corner where the plane where the lifting lug and bearing seat are located intersects the box, but the maximum von Mises equivalent stress is 237mpa, which is much lower than the service limit of 510mpa of the material, meeting the strength requirements

Vicat heat resistance and martin heat resistance and thermal deformation temperature test methods are often used to test the heat resistance of plastics. 4 Conclusion

this paper introduces the requirements and development trend of petroleum equipment for oil and gas exploration and development in the new century; It is proposed that high technology and modern design methods must be used in the development of petroleum equipment to ensure that the developed products have high technical level, good working performance, low production cost and strong market competitiveness. As a new means, computer simulation technology is widely used all over the world. In order to improve the technical level of petroleum equipment and enhance market competitiveness, computer simulation technology should be widely used in the development of petroleum equipment to improve

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