The hottest ink factory fire in Zhejiang with a re

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A fire in an ink factory with a registered capital of nearly 300million in Zhejiang Province. Release date: Source: Tongxiang Economic Development Zone. At 16:49 on December 18, the cost of procurement and operation in Zhejiang is also lower. Tongxiang Economic Development Zone, one of the largest profile production enterprises in Southwest China, is on fire in the workshop of Bauhinia printing ink company, covering an area of about 300 square meters. After receiving the alarm, the public security, fire fighting and other forces immediately arrived at the scene to carry out rescue. 3. Replacement rule: replace the suspicious parts with good parts. At present, the open fire has been extinguished, and the Nanjing municipal government has proposed to evacuate all personnel on site. The accident did not cause casualties. After the accident, the main person in charge of Tongxiang Economic Development Zone (Gaoqiao Street) rushed to the scene in time to deal with it. At present, the cause of the accident is still under further investigation

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