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Since the 1970s, with the rapid growth of global economic development, the classic strength theoretical foundation of fatigue damage has been laid. With the rapid development of the printing industry, all kinds of printing inks have also been developed rapidly: the varieties are increasing, the level of ink manufacturing technology is improving, and the output is expanding

however, in recent years, affected by the weak global economy, the world ink market is not very prosperous. For example, in the United States, a major ink producer, the advertising business of all media in the United States is declining due to the "9.11" incident, and the sales of ink are far below the expected value; After efforts in 2002, the U.S. economy finally recovered from the shadow of production capacity in 2001 for more than years. As expected, the ink market, although lagging behind the overall recovery level, is also growing. Another example is Japan, the world's second largest ink producer and the headquarters of the world's top 10 ink companies. Due to the weak economy, the production and sales of ink have also stagnated. In terms of production, the output in the first half of 2002 was only 208294 tons, which was only 96.5% of the output in the first half of 2001. Sales also showed a weak trend. The sales volume in the first half of 2002 was only 234210 tons, only 96.5% of the sales volume in the first half of 2001. The world ink industry as a whole is facing challenges

world market dynamics

◆ Europe

sun chemical still ranks first; The market share of BASF printing ink (coating) branch is 14%, ranking second in Europe; Hmidt (Smiths Brothers) ink company accounts for 11%; Sun Chemical (Sun Chemical Company) accounts for 34%, Michael Huber (Michael Huber company) accounts for 7%; Flint ink (Flint ink) accounts for 7%; Siegwerk accounts for 7%, etc. The total market share is 84%. In all kinds of ink products, offset printing ink is the most important part, accounting for 40%; Packaging printing ink accounts for 30%; Intaglio printing ink of books and periodicals accounts for 20%; Printing varnish accounts for 5%; Printing aids account for 4%; Silk printing ink accounts for 1%

◆ in Asia

the offset printing market has the largest increase in output in Japan's printing ink market. In terms of output, the production of these printing inks increased by 7%. However, metal printing inks decreased by 18%

China's ink industry has a considerable scale. The comprehensive production capacity of ink is 250000 tons per year, accounting for 6% of the world's ink output. The quality of some major products has approached or reached the advanced level of similar foreign products. In addition to basically meeting domestic needs, products are also exported to more than 50 countries and regions in Eastern Europe, the United States, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and so on. However, compared with the advanced level of foreign countries, there is still a considerable gap

India Hindustan ink and resin Co., Ltd. (Hirl) wants to establish a production base in California, the United States, and has established a subsidiary micro ink Corp., which plans to carry out ink pre production (semi-finished products) in India first, and then transport them to the United States for reprocessing. The business policy is that it can be transferred to other major ink markets in Europe and Asia in the future. HIR covers 20 major industrial fields, and l expects a significant increase in production capacity abroad

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