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With the promotion of reform and opening up, China has changed from a planned economic system to a market economic system. The original statistical work mode of enterprises can no longer meet the requirements of the new system and the new industrialization road proposed by the 16th National Congress. Facing the new situation, tasks and requirements, we must adopt computers to improve the original statistical work mode, improve the quality of statistical work, and promote enterprise management innovation. Statisticians at all levels should not only do a good job in the statistics of production and operation data, but also be able to do a good job in the collection and collation of market policy information; We should not only do a good job in statistical analysis, but also be able to do a good job in advance prediction, so that the statistical work can be transformed from passive and passive response to the tasks of the superior to active service and advance service

1 improve the quality of statistical work

in the past, statisticians in the production department of Shandong Zhangdian iron and Steel General Factory (hereinafter referred to as Zhanggang) had to manually copy 25 and 37 monthly reports, and copying reports alone took a considerable amount of working time. With the development of computer technology, Zhang Gang attaches great importance to the modernization of statistical work and actively uses advanced technology to improve the quality of statistical work. In the case of lack of funds, statistical departments at all levels have gradually equipped computers and established internal local areas of enterprises. Statisticians gradually bid farewell to the past history of manual collection, calculation, copying and submission of statistical reports, and realized the network transmission, network exchange and data sharing of statistical data, ensuring and improving the timeliness and accuracy of statistical data. Enterprises regularly transmit statistical data to superior statistical departments and competent departments. In the past, only a single packet exchange was used to transmit data through personnel in the enterprise information center. Now the data transmission can be realized by connecting to the Internet through the internal local area network of the enterprise, which reduces the intermediate links and improves the work efficiency

2 collection of statistical information

Zhang Gang regularly collects information and data on the feedback of economic indicators on the right side of the parallel line of the technological connection of iron and steel enterprises through the network, summarizes and sorts the data, makes vertical and horizontal comparative analysis of technical and economic indicators, and regularly feeds back to the enterprise leaders and relevant functional departments, so as to provide an important basis for the production and operation decisions of the enterprise. Zhang Gang has enriched the statistical information of the enterprise by collecting the required information efficiently and comprehensively; Focusing on the hot spots, difficulties and focus issues in the production and operation of enterprises, we use a variety of statistical theories, methods and means to deeply excavate and analyze their internal relations and objective laws, and write high-quality analysis and prediction reports, which has achieved a qualitative breakthrough and leap in statistical information work and better serve the production and operation of enterprises

3 management innovation

enterprise statistics is the basic source of national statistical data and an important basis for enterprise business decisions. The reform and innovation of statistical work is an important part of enterprise management innovation. For a long time, Zhang Gang's statistical work has basically revolved around government departments, with the completion of various statistical statements and various statistical investigation tasks arranged by national competent departments at all levels as the main content. In terms of serving enterprises, he did not give full play to the role of statistical work in enterprises, making statistical work in a passive and passive working state. In order to change this situation and realize the statistical innovation of Zhang Gang, in recent years, while strengthening the construction of statistical computers and networks, Zhang Gang has strengthened the development and utilization of statistical data, shifted the focus of statistical work to the deep processing and statistical analysis of statistical data, actively carried out special research according to the production and operation of enterprises, and timely provided research reports to leaders and functional departments, It provides an important basis for business decision-making. For example, in the period when enterprises advocate deep tapping potential and reducing costs, through statistical analysis and research, it is found that there is a large gap between the main indicators of Zhanggang, such as blast furnace utilization factor, coke feed ratio, coal injection ratio, and the best enterprises of the same size. It is suggested to improve from the aspects of raw materials, process, operation system, management, etc., and the relevant indicators will be greatly improved, which will surely achieve better energy conservation and consumption reduction results. Based on this, Zhang Gang set up a technical research team to conduct research and exploration, formulated corresponding countermeasures, and achieved remarkable results. Under the new situation, the demand for information has become one of the largest building needs of enterprises in harmony with nature. Facing the fierce market competition, enterprises must master the internal and external information of enterprises in order to survive and develop. The application of computer technology in the statistical work of Zhanggang has provided the basis for the production and management decision-making of Zhanggang and promoted the management innovation of the enterprise. Statistical work must also keep pace with the times, reform and innovate, completely change concepts and functions, with the help of new technology, change to active service, open the oil return valve and advance service, change to statistical information collection and research, scientifically analyze statistical information, make advance prediction, truly play the role of participating in decision-making, and better meet the needs of enterprise development

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