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On the morning of March 15, the "equipment and instrument loan" Promotion Conference for scientific and technological (military and civilian integration) enterprises, jointly organized by the Inclusive Finance Division of ICBC Mianyang Branch and China Science and technology rongchuang Technology Co., Ltd., was successfully held in the innovation center, with the output of box board and corrugated paper of the entrepreneurship service center of the science and Technology Innovation Zone of about 48.62 million tons. More than 30 technology-based (military civilian integration) enterprises, represented by Voda testing and precise standard testing for the function of this important clear experimental machine, were invited to participate in this activity

(3) the universal experimental machine can't do stretching and tortuous experiments at the same time.

"equipment and instrument loan" is a new technology and financial service product of "government + Bank + platform". Relying on the Sichuan military civilian integration large-scale scientific instrument sharing platform, it adopts the form of government risk compensation fund, which has the characteristics of "fast time limit, long term, low interest rate and no mortgage", and the maximum credit can reach 5million yuan, It is dedicated to providing special financing services for the purchase of instruments and equipment for enterprises that "convert military to civilian and join the military"

Li Wei, member of the district Party Working Committee and deputy director of the management committee, attended the promotion meeting and delivered a speech. He first elaborated on the business environment in which the park has established "capital market, technology market and trading market", while providing three major supports for enterprises: policy, capital and service; Secondly, it emphasizes the importance of vigorously promoting the innovation of scientific and technological financial service mode characterized by military civilian integration. Finance is the "blood" of scientific and technological innovation. The effective integration of science and technology and finance will help to solve the problem of "financing difficulties" in the process of scientific and technological innovation. This activity aims to provide enterprises with more accurate services, build a technology and finance docking platform, solve the R & D needs of military and civilian integration enterprises through the commercialization of instrument finance, and promote the development of military and civilian integration industry

at this promotion meeting, the sharing platform and industrial and Commercial Bank of China showed the advantages and effectiveness of "equipment and instrument loan", and extended an "olive branch" to on-site technology-based (military civilian integration) enterprises. The customer manager of ICBC also gave detailed answers to a series of issues concerned by enterprises, such as the loan time of "equipment and instrument loan", the proportion of discount interest, and the way of re loan

the District Economic Development Bureau, the district science and Technology Bureau, the District Investment Promotion Bureau, the science and service company and other departments also attended the event

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