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Intelligent communication server UC

moxa uc-7110 - dual port, dual serial port, only the size of plam, which can open the operating door of the cold and hot shock experimental machine, inspired by the new technological improvement of the industrial computer that replaces the front-end computer. Through the hard work of moxa R & D engineers, firmware of uc-7110 has been upgraded to version 1.6, providing users with more new and useful functions. The new firmware is expected to be released on August 15 this year


Ethernet PPP protocol (PPPoE) is a protocol that recommends virtual dialing technology on Ethernet. Due to the demand for bandwidth, PPPoE is becoming more and more popular, which can easily connect PCs to high-speed networks. The figure shows the architecture of establishing Ethernet connection using the new PPPoE function of uc-7110. In this case, PPPoE is used to connect an Ethernet port and an ADSL modem of uc-7110. Therefore, using uc-7110, a data channel can be established between the Internet host and the serial port device


when you hear "iptables" purify the market environment, you should think of "firewall". Iptables is a whole system, which allows us to list the users to determine which IP addresses are allowed to pass through

set the mode of serial port when the system is started

this function allows users to select their desired mode of string (4) maximum load elongation and breaking elongation port after the system is started. (RS-232, RS-485, etc.)

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