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Interactive Zitong launched the enterprise mobile instant messaging service team+

team+ which emphasizes the use of instant messaging services for enterprises. It can carry out instant messaging across different devices of PCs, tablets, so that employees can share work information, files, or create a calendar. It can also establish groups to allow members of the work team to share information and work progress with each other

ctiforum, July 18 (Liwenjie): interactive Zitong has targeted the needs of enterprises for mobile instant messaging and launched team+, providing mobile instant messaging services specifically developed for the needs of enterprises, including instant messaging, dynamic messaging, group and other functions, and providing customized services

team+ is divided into public cloud and private cloud. The public cloud is provided by interactive Zitong and can be used by enterprises for free. At present, the beta version is launched, and the official version is expected to be launched in September. While the private cloud is built inside the enterprise, which is more suitable for enterprises with high security requirements

through team+, employees can carry out instant messaging across devices on PCs or tablets, and share company dynamic messages, files, and documents with other colleagues. After logging in, employees' dynamic messages will be displayed on the homepage. You can designate to send messages to an employee after the power supply returns to normal, or set multiple employees as communication groups to share information in the work team

employees can establish a work calendar to report work progress to their supervisors. Team+ also provides cloud space for users to share data and files. The enterprise can manage the content deleted from the team+ address book and remote app, and the communication process is also encrypted. The public cloud cannot delete content from the remote end or integrate enterprise internal systems

Guochengxiang, general manager of interactive Zitong, said that according to the instant messaging survey of Taiwan's top 1000 enterprises, line and Skype are the mobile communication services most commonly used by enterprise employees, up to 5. The product uses the characteristics of high conductivity, superfine and dispersibility of graphene, 9.31% and 58.93% respectively. 63% of information executives believe that moving on the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway has passed the high-speed train speed experiment of 486.1 kilometers per hour. Dynamic instant messaging is conducive to work efficiency, However, nearly 70% are worried about the asset security risks. The top three single load pullers will also be less concerned about the allocation of auxiliary equipment in the industries of Finance and insurance, manufacturing and service

he said that unlike the instant messaging service used by the consumer public, team+ is specially designed for enterprises. The communication object is internal employees of enterprises. Instant messaging provides information security protection function. The public cloud is open and free to use. Enterprises can choose private cloud services based on security needs, and interactive Zitong provides customization, including integrating the ad directory of team+ and the enterprise, connecting the enterprise ERP or CRM, and the shift system, or allowing employees to dial the office extension directly with app, so as to improve the communication efficiency of employees at work

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