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Intel accelerates innovation in embedded applications

recently, Intel (China) and Shengbo technology signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation during the Intel Information Technology Summit (IDF) in Shanghai to accelerate innovation in industry applications based on Intel's latest embedded computing technology

through the signing of the strategic cooperation memorandum, Intel will provide new embedded computing technology for Shengbo technology at the first time, and provide comprehensive support to promote the collaborative innovation of both sides and the formulation of local standards. With the support of Intel and its partners, Shengbo technology will give full play to its powerful system design ability to provide users with leading embedded computing solutions in the fastest time

Chen weipeng, director of embedded marketing in Intel Asia Pacific, said that these instruments can indeed be tested: "Intel has been committed to the common growth and development with Chinese enterprises. In further cooperation, Intel will introduce advanced products, technologies and application experience to Shengbo technology, and provide surging impetus for the innovation and development of Shengbo technology's embedded solutions through the industry's longest life cycle and comprehensive technical support."

Mr. Zhao Yong, general manager of Shengbo technology, said: "As China's information industry accelerates the pace of transforming traditional industries, open embedded computing platforms have experienced explosive growth. In order to better meet the growing market demand, the top priority is to establish advanced strategic cooperation with supply chain manufacturers. This in-depth strategic cooperation ensures that in the next few years, we will impact the UK for the first time in the world for four consecutive times, and the impact spectrum curves of stamping design plastic molds obtained are within the tolerance band." The latest chip technology of Intel, especially Intel's super powerful and ultra-low power consumption, 45 nm technology is applied to our new generation platform when metal objects approach this sensing surface, which enables thousands of customers to update their technology quickly and products to market quickly. We will also put forward strategic suggestions for the design of Intel's new generation of embedded chips to better meet the needs of the embedded market. "

Intel currently provides users in the embedded field with dual core Intel Core 2 and core processors, quad core Intel Xeon series processors, Intel Pentium Dual Core Processors and Pentium M processors. On November 16, 2007, Intel officially released the 45 nm high-k metal gate silicon process technology, and gradually introduced the modified technology into embedded processors. This technology can effectively control or reduce the energy consumption of the processor, and improve the performance of the processor at the same time, so as to achieve a better energy consumption ratio (EEP). In February, 2008, in order to further enhance its support for partners, Intel announced that it would extend its commitment to support the life cycle of embedded products from five years to seven years. On April 2, 2008, at IDF, Intel released five new Intel Atom processors and Intel Centrino Atom processor technologies for mobile Internet devices (MID) and embedded fields. Its main frequency is up to 1.86ghz and its power consumption is less than 3W

promote innovation in three emerging fields

through strategic cooperation, Intel and Shengbo technology hope that the innovation achievements of both sides will further meet the growing demand for embedded computing in China's automotive electronics, medical electronics, CNC systems, rail transit, power control and communication fields. It will also promote the innovation of embedded computing in three emerging application fields, including in vehicle infotainment, intelligent transportation system and medical equipment

with the mobility of computing and media, consumers are eager to extend their digital lifestyle to their cars, which promotes the gradual development of on-board infotainment systems. Intel and Shengbo technology will develop an advanced on-board infotainment system based on the open Intel Architecture, so that passengers can freely access the Internet, watch movies, control voice, query real-time road conditions and destination information in the car

intelligent transportation system (ITS) is a brand-new technical means and management system, which enables the organic combination and coordinated development of "human vehicle road", so as to form a real-time, accurate and efficient integrated transportation system. Intel and Shengbo technology will work together to develop advanced control systems to protect pedestrian safety, improve the efficiency of passenger cars and optimize traffic management

with the advancement of digitalization, the medical industry has an increasing demand for computing power. Taking digital diagnostic images as an example, medical devices need to record, process and transmit higher definition images. Intel and Shengbo technology will use processors based on 45 nm high-k metal gate silicon process technology to provide more powerful processing power and lower power consumption for the computing system embedded in medical devices, so as to extend the battery life

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