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Cleaning and installation of water bucket roller

cleaning and protection of water transfer roller and water roller in the printing process, because the water roller greatly improves the cohesion of the team, the sense of belonging and the sense of acquisition of employees through these, and repeated contact with the printing plate, after using for a period of time, on the one hand, ink and other sundries will be stained from the printing plate, on the other hand, the plush structure on the surface of the water roller will be damaged, and the water transfer roller will be in the process of water transfer, The fluffy structure on its surface will be similarly damaged; At the same time, the ink on the landing roller will be transferred to the water transfer roller through the water channeling roller. Therefore, the water roller must be cleaned or replaced in time to restore and maintain the water absorption and transmission performance

I. prepare cleaning materials and tools

(1) cleaning materials: gasoline, water (preferably a pool with a tap)

(2) tools: nylon board brush and steel sheet

II. Cleaning

place both ends of the removed water roll on the support (or wooden pillow) of the water roll, pour gasoline on the roll surface, and brush evenly in one direction (the thread direction of the water roll) with a board brush; After the ink stain on the roll surface is dissolved, wash it with water until there is no dissolved ink stain on the roll surface; Finally, scrape off the excess water with steel sheets

(I) cleaning of water bucket stick and water channeling roller

the more common water bucket roller is chrome plated. During the printing process, the ink dirt on the water roller will also be transferred to the water channeling roller and water bucket roller, reducing its water transmission. In addition, when the downtime is long, even if there is no ink contamination on the bucket roll and ink channeling roll, their original hydrophilic properties have been changed due to the formation of an oxide film on the surface and the adsorption of oil mist, dust and other impurities in the air on the roll surface. Therefore, the bucket roll and the water channeling roll must be cleaned timely and regularly to achieve the purpose of restoring their hydrophilicity and uniform and comprehensive water transfer

cleaning materials: pumice powder, fountain solution, glue solution, and wiping cloth

(1) dip in the fountain solution, then dip in pumice powder, and then wipe back and forth on the surface of the water channeling roller and the bucket roller. When the ink and oxide film are removed, quickly wipe the surface with a wet cloth

(2) jog the machine, turn to the rest of the parts that have not been wiped, and wipe according to the appeal method until the two water rollers are all cleaned

(3) dip a cloth with water into the glue and wipe the surface of the water roller

(II) cleaning of water bucket

water bucket is generally made of copper alloy material. The bucket used for a long time will inevitably fall into dust and other debris. When it is in the middle and high-end market, the bucket roller will also bring paper powder, paper wool, ink dirt, etc. into the bucket, which will not only reduce the wetting performance of the fountain, but also directly affect the printing quality of printing products

1. Cleaning steps

(1) prepare clean water, a cloth, a brush, and a plastic catheter

(2) remove the bucket roll

(3) pour water into the bucket, stir up the dirt at the bottom of the bucket with a brush, and then suck out the turbid liquid in the water with a conduit (the principle of the connector). While watering, brush and guide the water until the bucket is basically clean. Finally, thoroughly clean the bucket with a cloth

(4) install the bucket roll

2. Easy problems and precautions

(1) pay attention to safety when disassembling the water roll. If the disassembled water roll does not need to be used or installed immediately, it should be placed on the water roll support

(2) when cleaning the water transfer roll and landing roll, the direction of brushing and scraping should be consistent with the direction of the yarn of the water roll as far as possible

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