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Common sense of green adhesive consumption

with the rapid development of society, human life requirements are becoming more and more comfortable. In order to facilitate production and reduce the cost of products, its nature is not only strong but also extremely fragile. We use a variety of adhesives for the construction industry, light industry, textile industry, heavy industry and other industries

to bond metals, wood, paper, ceramics and various items to each other, In order to achieve a good use effect for the small goals set by Cui Lixin now, for example, the paper and plastic film are bonded together with paper plastic adhesive, so that the product can achieve a good comprehensive effect, with strong gloss, high smoothness, bright color, high eye-catching effect, and a series of characteristics of high intensity; Make neoprene and polyurethane glue used as outsole glue of shoes, and their performance is directly related to the wearing and durability of shoes. If a pair of shoes with fine design, exquisite adhesion and excellent processing are not firmly adhered to the outsole, all previous efforts will be wasted, and the latex of adhesive can be used in the production of

fabrics, cord fabrics, paper processing, coatings, gaskets, latex adhesives, blanket sizing, etc

the use of latex can improve the compatibility of filling materials in carpets, the stability of compounds and the peeling strength of carpets. Improving the quality of products can reduce the cost of products, and the processed products can obtain the required hand feel. With the pursuit of a comfortable and elegant home environment, various adhesives are widely used in construction, such as floor glue, embedded

seam glue, glass glue, etc. The use of adhesives beautifies the room and makes the indoor environment more clean and tidy

however, there is a lot of pollution in the use of adhesives, because most adhesives use organic substances as dissolving agents, and these solvents contain a large number of toxic compounds such as benzene, toluene, xylene, chimney hydrocarbon, etc. this kind of adhesive products

frequency is fixed for several gears

when used, it not only volatilizes toxic gases at all times, but also is extremely easy to burn and explode, endangering the lives and health of the public. Some bonding products also contain a certain amount of heavy metal elements, such as mercury, lead, cadmium and chromium, which are potentially harmful to people. For example, when using the laminating adhesive with benzene homologues as the solvent, because the adhesive needs to be heated to 65 ~

75 ℃ during processing, a large number of toxic substances evaporate in the workshop, causing great physical and mental harm to the workers working on the site. According to incomplete statistics, there are

poisoning deaths of workshop workers using toxic organic solvent laminating every year in the country. However, if you don't pay attention to it at work and bring fire or spark into the workshop, explosion may occur. When the exhaust equipment of the factory can completely discharge harmful substances to the outside of the factory, these harmful substances will seriously damage the ecological environment around the factory. The acid glue in some building sealants not only has the pungent smell of acetic acid, but also has a corrosive effect on metals, damaging the beauty of home. Although people try to take protective measures when using it to ensure the safety and health of people, the effect is not ideal

in the 1980s, with the enhancement of environmental protection awareness and attention to health issues, as well as the growing demand for the use of green

Color adhesives, the research of adhesives has received great attention. The progress of science and technology makes it possible for enterprises to produce green adhesives

we choose some products in adhesives to formulate environmental labels, which is conducive to environmental protection, promote the harmless

of solvents, protect human health, promote the technological progress of adhesives, and also contribute to the export of our products to earn foreign exchange

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