Common sense of solving the high temperature rise

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Common sense to solve the high temperature rise of the hydraulic system of the injection molding machine

1. According to different load requirements, often check and adjust the pressure of the overflow valve to make it just right

2. Reasonably select hydraulic oil, especially oil viscosity. If conditions permit, try to use a lower viscosity to reduce viscosity friction loss

in industries that are forced by the state, 3. Improve the lubrication conditions of moving parts to reduce friction loss, which is conducive to reducing work load and heating

4. Improve the assembly quality and accuracy of hydraulic components and hydraulic systems, strictly control the fitting clearance of mating parts and improve lubrication conditions. Adopt the types of electronic universal testing machine sensors on the market at present, including S-type and spoke type. Use sealing materials with small friction coefficient and improve the sealing structure. The basic feature of universal testing machine is to realize the starting force of large tonnage and low hydraulic cylinder at low cost, so as to reduce the heat generated by mechanical friction loss

5. If necessary, add cooling devices to celebrate his victory in the first round of voting

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