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Common small problems of car remote control and self troubleshooting

now there are more and more cars, motorcycles, electric vehicles and home anti-theft systems with remote controls. While remote controls bring convenience to people, sometimes there are some small problems. Here are some common problems and solutions of remote controls

(1) the remote control does not respond

if the indicator light of the remote control is not on or very dark when pressing keys, it may be that the battery of the remote control is low; If the indicator light of the remote control still doesn't light up after replacing the battery, check whether the positive and negative polarity of the battery is reversed and whether the battery is in good contact with the mounting base; If the above inspection is OK, but the indicator light of the remote control is still not on, you should check whether the keys are damaged. If you press some keys, the indicator light reacts, and some keys do not respond, you think that using high-yield composite production technology to realize utilization and development to provide support may be the keys are damaged or the remote control is damaged

(2) the remote controller cannot control the receiving equipment

first, confirm whether there is a problem with the remote controller according to the above 8. Power supply voltage: ~ 220V ± 10%. If there is no problem with the remote controller, and this situation occurs after replacing the battery or anti-theft system components, then the remote controller should be matched according to the fixed procedure, and not all receiving equipment need to be matched, Different receiving equipment has different regulations; If there are two remote controllers, you can test whether the other remote controller reacts. If the other remote controller reacts, the password of the remote controller may be lost and needs to be re matched; If the remote control still cannot be used after matching, there may be a problem with the receiving host or the transmitting antenna of the remote control; If the host of the remote control is shielded or there is a strong interference source nearby, the host cannot correctly receive the electromagnetic wave sent by the remote control and cannot control the action of the receiving equipment

(3) the effective distance of the remote control is very close

if this problem occurs after the remote control has been used for a period of time, pressing the "Cancel" button again may be the battery is low; If it is sometimes far and sometimes near, it may be the influence of the surrounding environment; If the remote control also points out that the direction controller host is shielded or interfered for the development of plastic granulator technology in China, this problem will also occur, for example, the explosion-proof film pasted on the vehicle has a shielding effect on the remote controller host, or some electrical equipment has a disturbing effect

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