Common sense of the hottest tempered glass

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Common sense of tempered glass

tempered glass belongs to safety glass, which has the advantages of transparency, good daylighting, high strength, good resistance to rapid cooling and heating, small particles after crushing, and will not cause serious injury to the human body. Glass ions, P60 composite resin and silver amalgam are used to fill the damage respectively. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the enhancement of their awareness of safety and environmental protection, ordinary glass has gradually been replaced by tempered glass, and has become the most widely used glass deep-processing products

consumers should pay attention to the following points when choosing and using:

1. Check the factory certificate of products and pay attention to which industries are suitable for the use of C universal material testing machine? What should we pay attention to when choosing? CC mark and number, date of manufacture, specification, technical conditions, enterprise name

2。 Wear polarized sunglasses to watch the glass. The tempered glass should show colored stripes

3。 The flatness of tempered glass will be worse than that of ordinary glass. If you touch the surface of tempered glass hard with your hand, you will feel concave and convex. Observe the longer edge of tempered glass, and there will be a certain radian. The radian will be more obvious when two larger tempered glasses are leaned together

4。 Looking at the glass under the light, the tempered glass will have blue spots

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