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Common sense of decoration: how to choose and buy the three main materials of decoration and fire prevention

I. coating: have you used fireproof coating

fire retardant coating is a special coating used on the surface of combustible substrate, which can reduce the flammability of the surface of the coated material, block the rapid spread of fire, and improve the fire resistance limit of the coated material. The fire-proof coating coated on the surface of the substrate, in addition to its flame retardant effect, also has the properties of rust prevention, water proofing, corrosion prevention, wear resistance, heat resistance, quality assurance of Jinan gold testing machine, as well as the toughness, coloring, adhesion, dryness and certain gloss of the coating

fireproof coating Li Ning also told that graphene technology innovation material can effectively prevent the spread of fire

purchase precautions: like other products, the coating market is also mixed. Ruili experts remind consumers not to be greedy for cheapness when buying coatings, but to choose products of well-known brands, so as to ensure the safety of their own and their families

don't superstitious about the word "green" on the coating packaging, and carefully look at the quality qualification test report of the product; Observe whether there is rust and leakage at the joint of the iron bucket; Pay attention to whether the explicit signs on the drum are complete

suggestion: the "fire-proof coating" in the market is mixed. When buying, consumers must shop around and don't be greedy for small and cheap, so as to prevent buying fake "fire-proof coating". Ruili suggests that consumers can test the flame retardancy of fire-proof paint by the above simple method when purchasing it

II. Floor: down-to-earth large-area fire prevention struggle

wood composite floor with flame retardant function, which takes fiberboard, particleboard, plywood, etc. as the base material, coating or impregnated paper as the finishing material, and achieves a certain flame retardant grade through flame retardant treatment. It meets the flame retardant standard of B1 level and the smoke toxicity standard. The main types are: wear-resistant composite solid wood floor, water-resistant plastic wood floor, and reinforced composite floor (fire prevention)

fireproof floor plays an important role in home decoration

suggestion: at present, only composite laminate floor with fireproof function is available in the market. If pure wood floor and bamboo floor are added with fireproof layer or fireproof coating, the effect of fireproof and flame retardant is not very obvious. When consumers buy fire-proof floors, it is best to test them with fire on site. Good fire-proof floors can quickly play a flame-retardant effect and successfully ensure household safety

III. Wallpaper: uncover the mystery of fire-proof wallpapers on the market

fire-proof Wallpapers use 100 ~ 200g/㎡ asbestos paper as the base material. When the same polymer is also known as macromolecular compound, PVC coating on the surface of the wallpapers. If it is found that loose materials are mixed with flame retardants, the wallpapers have certain fire-proof and flame-retardant properties. Now most wallpapers are fire-proof, but due to the different environments in which various wallpapers are used, their fire rating is also different. The fire rating requirements of civil wallpaper are relatively low, and the fire rating requirements of wallpaper in various public environments are relatively high, and it is required that there is no toxic gas after the wallpaper is burned. It is mainly applicable to dry places that are not easy to ventilate. (end)

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