Embrace big data and stimulate new financial vital

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Embrace big data and stimulate new financial vitality

in recent years, Internet finance has shown explosive growth, and financial services at any time, anywhere and on demand are becoming the unanimous requirements of ordinary consumers. Internet Finance interacts frequently with a large number of financial users at extremely low cost and high efficiency, which is an advantage that the traditional financial industry does not have. With the cross-border integration of Internet and traditional industries, more and more financial users carry out daily financial activities through digital channels, and products and services have also changed to digital methods. Non operators should be allowed to use it to avoid accident supply, which requires corresponding changes in IT technology support. How to use leading IT technology to deal with the impact of Internet finance has become the focus of CIOs in the traditional financial industry

the wind of big data innovation is blowing towards the traditional financial industry

big data technology has flourished in recent years, gradually transitioning from a single batch processing load in 2013 to a converged big data platform, realizing the reuse of infrastructure layer; Today and even in the future, enterprise data intelligence is being integrated with traditional database data processing technology. In terms of application, it has also gradually spread from the initial consumer interconnection to industrial interconnection. It can be said that the wind of big data helping innovation has spread to the whole industry

as the king of all industries in the financial industry, it is inevitable to use big data to achieve business innovation. With the development of mobile, personalized, social and real-time business, data presents more dimensions, the content reflected by the data is more detailed, and the capture of user behavior is faster and more detailed. When users' every move is recorded through digital technology, how the financial industry can observe users' every move with the help of data control and analysis, so as to provide more suitable services has become a challenge for the financial industry in the era of big data

to realize big data, three-step integration is the key.

from the perspective of data processing, to realize big data is nothing more than to plug an elephant into a refrigerator. There are three steps:

solve all data collection problems

solve data processing problems

realize data for value sharing

in terms of data collection, we see that traditional channels of banks, such as POS, ATM, counter, bank and Shanghai Bank, are interconnected. In addition, when cooperating with third-party Internet companies, some cross-border data, such as our travel information and consumption information, have also become important sources of big data. In a word, data collection shows a trend of convergence

in terms of data processing, it also presents fusion characteristics. There are two levels here:

strong consistency must be achieved for transaction related data

the relevant data of the big data platform enables us to more carefully capture the details of customer behavior.

the integration of the two can enable us to see the panorama of customers. For example, the static photos have become dynamic videos, the three-dimensional information of length, width and height has become four-dimensional information containing time dimensions, or we can understand that a flat photo has become a hologram

in terms of realizing value sharing through data realization, we have to face the inevitable innovation integration. To do a good job in credit reporting, we need to query many social data outside banks, and we must open up data sharing through cooperation in business. How to perform fusion analysis, how to automate connection, how to reduce manual links, and how to realize second level query all need big data to play a role

it can be said that the big data business presents the characteristics of real-time, business continuity and cross multiple data. To truly realize the processing of big data, integration is the key to open the door

value exploration of financial big data application

doing a good job in data collection, data processing and data sharing only solves the problem of big data data data processing from a technical point of view. However, when it is implemented in specific applications, it needs to be combined with the business characteristics of the financial industry. In general, credit business, precision marketing, customer service business and public opinion monitoring can all be well explored through big data

credit business

the traditional credit business risk judgment depends on the judgment of experienced supervisors, which is bound to result in the inability to scale. If the accumulated experience of credit supervisors is digitized, and the customer behavior is captured through the introduction of data, so as to judge the credit risk, it will be an important means to improve the credit efficiency. Therefore, achieving high efficiency and low risk through data + model is an important application of big data to credit business

precision marketing

the ultimate goal of precision marketing is to improve the success rate of marketing. Traditional financial institutions sell onemillion customers, and ultimately only tenthousand or onethousand customers are truly effective, which means that we have done a lot of worthless work. Establishing an accurate target customer positioning model through data mining can effectively help improve the marketing success rate and reduce the marketing cost. At the same time, we also found that some people applied for a bank's credit card in order to see a movie at a discount or enjoy more convenient services for travel, which shows that cross-border marketing relying on big data can also help the financial industry improve its efficiency and will become an important development direction in the future

many insulation material manufacturers are crying out for injustice: fire and insulation materials are not absolutely directly related to customer service business

traditionally, the communication channels between banks and customers are nothing more than voice, network, SMS, etc., and each channel interaction will reveal some characteristics of customers. Using big data technology to extract and analyze the features of ①. First press the reset key of the safety belt tension testing machine to reset the collet on the instrument, which can improve the customer service experience and reduce the cost. If you shorten the communication time in the call center by even a few seconds, the time and overall cost of thousands of customer service will be very considerable

public opinion monitoring

based on big data, we can obtain bank related evaluation information from the Internet, and judge its positive and negative tendencies through the emotion analysis model; Or from the customer's click on the bank, analyze the customer's click path, optimize the layout of key bank columns, and so on. Identifying customers' pain points and interest points through big data and formulating targeted improvement strategies can not only consolidate existing customers and expand new customers, but also possibly create some new business value growth points

embrace big data and stimulate new financial vitality

big data presents a wonderful and grand blueprint for the digital transformation of traditional banks, attracting many manufacturers to make continuous innovation and efforts. Huawei is one of the best. Huawei big data platform originates from open source, is higher than open source, and feeds back to open source. At present, its contribution to the open source community is moving towards the second place where the global benefit release is not as expected. The company continues to pursue technology and practice industry applications. At present, Huawei's big data platform has been successfully applied to a number of financial institutions. In the future, with the continuous exploration of technology and the in-depth joint innovation with partners, it is believed that Huawei's big data platform will help more financial institutions' digital transformation and stimulate new vitality

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